There are many ways to become an American citizen, each with its own system of rules and requirements. If you are considering applying for citizenship, you should familiarize yourself with the procedures involved to ensure that the process is complete without problems. The section basic concepts of citizenship describes the fundamental points that you must understand when applying to American citizenship. There are articles on dual citizenship, the requirements to obtain American citizenship, the resources of the government to help for the naturalization process, basic manuals on American citizenship for foreign children adopted, to renounce citizenship and much more. Choose an article below to get started.

Get Dual Citizenship in Europe

How to Get Dual Citizenship in Europe

Acquiring citizenship of a member nation of the European Union opens up an entire continent for the individual. By virtue of the Maastricht Treaty, every citizen of a member nation of the EU enjoys freedom of movement and right to employment across …
how to get US citizenship

How to get US citizenship?

People born in the United States automatically get US citizenship (as specified in the fourteenth amendment of the Constitution), while those born abroad with at least one US citizen parent usually meet the requirements. In addition, non-citizens who serve in the u.s. military …
US Citizenship Test Questions

United States Citizen test Questions and Answers

In the process of applying for US Citizenship, once submitted the package with the naturalization application and if you meet the requirements, the office of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) will schedule an interview. During this interview, the examiner will …
US Citizenship Naturalization

US Citizenship Naturalization Process

Citizenship Naturalization is the legal process by which a foreign citizen or national can become a US citizen. To be able to naturalize, the applicant must first meet the requirements to apply for citizenship. Then, you must complete the application, attend an interview and …