Deportation and Removal

When the US Government discovers that someone has illegally entered the United States, has remained in the country beyond the expiration date of his visa or has committed any other violations of U.S. criminal or immigration laws, this person is probably subject to the judicial process of Deportation or Removal. The process is not simple. Rather than be able to deport a non-citizen, the Government must prove that deportation is necessary. This means that a non-citizen has the opportunity to argue that he should be allowed to stay, but cannot do so effectively if you don’t know in depth the process of deportation. This section provides a summary of the Deportation and Removal and discusses the consequences of re-enter the United States after the deportation.

Deportation from the USA

Deportation or removal from the USA

Deportation (also known as removal) is when the federal government removes formally an alien from the United States due to the violation of several immigration laws, or criminal, which is described in more detail below. Once deported, an alien may lose the right …