10 Quick Tips on How to Find a Divorce Lawyer


In such a case, a legal family divorce lawyer with years of on your side would come in handy to walk you through the challenges of the divorce process.

The question to many however remains, “How on earth am I going to find a good divorce attorney?”

The truth is that finding such a legal professional that is the right for your situation to provide the necessary legal advice and at a price you can afford isn't a walk in the park.

Here are some of the guiding tips to help you in your search:

1. Decide the type of divorce process you will use

There are quite a number of divorce processes including litigation, mediation, cooperative and collaborative. After making this decision, you can then proceed with the search for the right divorce lawyer.

The essence of this is to guide you in finding the divorce attorney with the experience in a specific type of divorce. Picking just any lawyer will simply you unsatisfied with the outcome of the case.

2. Determine the kind of legal service that you need

Depending with your situation, you need a lawyer that can walk you through the process and that is it. It is not logical to hire a big city firm that charges $500/hour on a simple divorce case not involving big assets like companies, real estates and other complicated financial situations.

In cases of large asset divorce cases, you definitely need a lawyer with experience in handling such complications, otherwise you need a lawyer that simply understands family law, has the experience and offers affordable services.

3. Check out on your budget in relation with the legal service that you need

You most definitely don't intend to spend thousands of dollars on your divorce case. The legal services you need will determine the amount you will be willing to pay as cost of the legal services. Always seek legal services from legal divorce attorneys you can afford.

4. Ask for referrals

Friends, family and colleagues would be a good source of information regarding divorce lawyers in your area. You might have a friend that has gone through a divorce in the recent past; such people would help in referring you to their divorce attorney if they believe he did a good job for them. You may also ask other lawyers in different specialties for referrals if you happen to know one- lawyers know each other remember.

5. Search through the internet wisely

The internet has grown to become a great source of information on absolutely anything including divorce lawyers. You can as well use it to gather information and validate referrals. A well updated website speaks a million words about a specific lawyer. With the names already referred to you, you may decide to give the lawyers a courtesy visit on their website to validate some information about them.

6. Check out lawyer ratings

This information is invaluable when searching for a divorce attorney. You however need to take this information cautiously as some good lawyers are rated poorly because they have decided not to advertise themselves or their firms with a particular site while some rated highly yet their service is below standard.

7. Find out the experience of the divorce lawyer

Divorce is a complicated issue and hiring a friend who is a criminal lawyer simply because they offered to help in your case will ultimately ruin your case. You need a lawyer that specifically specializes in family law and that has experience in handling divorce cases.

8. Do not hire the first lawyer that you interview

It is advisable to interview at least three lawyers before you make the decision. Take your time and talk to these legal experts to get their perspective on your case. From then you can make the decision on the lawyer that recommends using the approach that you are comfortable with.

9. List down the crucial questions you need to get answered from your lawyer

Divorce is a personal issue and many people find it difficult talking to a lawyer. With questions already written down, you will easily ask your lawyer exactly what you want to know without forgetting anything due to the emotions and tension involved.

10. Follow your gut

In simple terms do as your gut dictates you. The inner feeling about a lawyer is real; simply listen to it.

V Wayne Ward Photo It is crucial to hire an experienced professional Fort Worth divorce lawyer but it is worth the homework upfront. Simply take your time and be sure with the decision you make to be the right one. The tips discussed above will come in handy to help you make the right choice.

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