By law, non-custodial parents must pay a monthly allowance, or Child Support, to help the father in custody to cover the cost of the child. An order for the Child Support can be given after a divorce or a paternity. This section includes general information about the act of Child Support, in addition to a glossary of legal terms and a basic manual on how a lawyer specializing in child support can help you.


Fatherhood: Introduction to Paternity

The “paternity” refers to the determination of who is the father of a child. While the identity of the biological mother of a child tends to be, by nature, easy to determine, the identity of …
Checklist to pay child support

Checklist to pay child support

The child support that you pay aid to your children to be healthy, fed and well cared for. Failure to meet these payments can bring devastating consequences, both for you and for your family. Use …