A Single Father or a Mother Child Adoption

A Single Father or a Mother Child Adoption


If in 1970, a single person would have gone to an agency to apply to a child in adoption, with the probability that person habrí to been rejected, because it was simply not possible. In fact, in some states I had to laws against adoption by single parents. Now thousands of children in the united States and other countries, living with single men and women(as) who chose to be parents and who were provided with the opportunity of giving a permanent home to a small. In the past 20 years, therehas been a steady increase in the number of adoptions made by single parents. Some people, in fact, believe that this trend has grown rapidly in the field of adoptions. Approximately 25 percent of the adoptions of children with special needs are made by men and women singles(ace), and the five per cent of any other type of adoptions are done by single people(as). The prospects for single parents who adopt are encouraging as this process becomes widely accepted.

Why single people adopt?

Why is a successful person, independent and single has to relinquish their freedom and take the responsibility of raising a child?

The desire to care and share with the family is a need for strong and universal that a large number of people feel, and that is not exclusive to married people or couples. Often a single person feels his life incomplete. Or as one unmarried woman said once, “I have a stable work and might give many benefits to a child. You would like to that my life had any purpose other than work and take care of my cat”. Because many women have preferred their careers to marriage or motherhood, have reached thirty without a husband, but with a powerful desire to become mothers. The adoption is a viable option for single women who feel that having a child outside of marriage is unacceptable, or for those who are infertile.

Some men and women feel that they can give you a small a better life that they get in institutions or in foster homes, or even in the countries where they are provided with what is necessary to cover their basic needs. A teacher once said, “because in my special education classes continuously veí small that going from house-to-home home-home, I decided that even as a single parent I could do a lot more for one of them.”

Why the adoption made by single parents is to prevail?

A number of factors have encouraged the acceptance of single-parent families. Perhaps the most common is that it has increased the number of women who are head of the family due to the divorce or not married. With so many children living in this environment, adoption agencies have become more open about letting single men and women to be foster parents, prospective. Most of these single parents work full time and are financially responsible for their families. Although in charge of the economí to family, maintain the household and take care of their children.

The subject of personal finance has gone to the background with the availability of subsidies that exist in nearly most states for children with special needs. This has encouraged those with limited incomes who are able and willing to adopt.

What are the obstacles?

Despite the fact that there is a greater acceptance of adoptions by single parents, I still there is the traditionalist approach, under which a child needs a father and a mother for his growth and development. Mental health experts say the “ideal” is to place a minor in a home with a mother and father who are compatible and loving. However, there are many children for whom this “ideal” is not possible and many single people who feel that such bias is unfair.

Your own family and friends can be the first obstacles. Sometimes they don’t understand why someone asumirí to the responsibility of raising alone a child.

The agencies varies’an in their policies about the single applicants. Some will not accept them at all. Other can put their own requests and the request of a socio-economic study of the home (an evaluation of the family) at the end of the waiting list, while you are a couple who want to adopt.

For single men the scrutiny is even more severe, because to them they are asked questions about their sexuality, their motives for adopting, their friends, and their housing agreements. In fact, they can be qualified to be parents and still be rejected.

Tips for single parents wishing to adopt

Go through this process alone is not easy. The adoptive parents and the agencies point to the importance of having friends and family that can support you in the preparation of the parent prospective. All the responsibilities will fall directly on their shoulders, as is the case of care for the child when you are sick, pick him up from his friends ‘ house, choosing the right school, or talk with their guidance counselors in the school. Having the support of others will provide some of these responsibilities and give you a respite from the continuing responsibility to play the role of father(mother). When you are approaching agencies or other resources, you have to believe in yourself. The process may not be as simple and you might encounter some closed doors. But as said by an adoptive father, “you have to believe that there is a child somewhere in the world waiting for him”. His determination and perseverance can make your dream a reality.

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