Besides a bat, what is something you can carry in your vehicle which is effective as a weapon yet is legal to have if a police officer searches it?


Basically, any tool that can be used for digging, cutting brushes, hammering, prying or open things can be carried in your vehicle. It only becomes a weapon when you tell the officer that is why you are carrying it with you.

Let’s see:
1. An axe
2. A hatchet
3. A machete
4. A length of chain
5. A ball peen hammer
6. An engineer’s hammer (A small sledgehammer)
7. An oil can spout (A particularly nasty weapon)
8. A sickle
9. A crowbar
10. An entrenching tool (A small, folding military style shovel)
This tiny tool that I consider indispensable whenever my car decides to fight.
It’s a 24″ long 1/2″ drive ratchet. You don’t want to get beaten by it. Craftsman 9-44816 1/2-Inch Drive Flex Head Quick Release Teardrop Ratchet – Drive Sockets

I was advised by a friend who comes from a long line of police that the best thing to have in your car is one of the large Maglite flashlights that take the D cell batteries. In addition to being an effective, compact weapon and light, it’s the same thing a lot of cops carry with them, on and off duty, and the same thing they put in their family members’ car for emergencies.

Pepper spray is legal in many states for people to carry over 18 or under with parents permission. Since each state has different laws call your local police station and asked them.

Taser and pepper spray are legal to carry in your car in California. Tasers are not allowed on school grounds though.

I find that a 12″ crescent wrench tucked between the seat and door makes an effective bailout weapon.
Beyond that I always carry my 2.3″ blade tac-knife in my boot and a canister of pepper spray on my person.
For the most part anything can be used as a weapon and as we’ve seen by the growing list that having tools or other things laying around your car should not attract much suspicion as to why they are there …. unless you’re dumb enough to say oh yeah that’s my bail out wrench or something equally as stupid.
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