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Consult The Best Truck Accident Attorneys Of Dallas, Texas


It is been observed that truck accidents on roads of Dallas, Texas are on the rise. Almost the half of 2016 saw an estimated increase in traffic-related deaths to 10.4% as compared to half of 2015. And the statistics are not just stable instead it’s been on the high-rise. Even if the victim survives, they often end up having serious injuries which are not healed resulting to permanent disabilities.

Common Causes Of Truck Accidents:

  • Driver Fatigue:

Sleep driving is one of the most common causes of truck accidents in Dallas, Texas and country. Truck drivers are subject to “hours of service” and rules and laws, which limits their rest breaks. Due to their job profession of meeting deadlines for getting their cargo at its destination, they ignore to follow these regulations resulting in severe consequences. The danger with a fatigued driver is as the same as the drunken driver.

  • Substance Abuse:

Truck drivers owe a requirement to uphold the protection of everybody else on the roadways; however, some reckless drivers breach that duty of care by participating in misuse. It’s not exceptional for truck drivers to drive whereas drunk or whereas impaired by drugs. Sometimes, even drugs that are wrongfully prescribed will impair a truck driver’s interval, judgment, and distance perception.

  • Unsafe Driving Habits:

Unsafe driving accident habits would be unnecessary speeding. Truck drivers who just to meet up their deadlines drive over their speed limit or drive too fast for the road conditions. They might also follow other vehicles closely and make the lanes unsafe for other automobiles. Changing lanes especially for trucks are not safe, as they have much larger blind zones compared to passenger vehicles.

  • Distracted Driving:

Distracted driving could be a major safety concern and a leading explanation for truck accidents. Skilled drivers aren’t proof against the temptations of cell phones and different gadgets. Spending long, repetitive hours behind the wheel will encourage truck drivers to check often on their cell phones, leading to serious distraction which may prove fatal for others on the road.

  • Improper Training And Maintenance:

Commercial drivers are subject to skilled coaching and licensing rules, and therefore the huge rigs themselves square measure subject to strict maintenance needs. Sadly, generally, drivers and their trucks hit the roads while not meeting these needs. Improperly trained drivers and inadequately maintained huge rigs lead to an explanation for truck accidents.

5 Reasons To Hire Truck Accident Attorneys

If you have ever been involved in an accident with a truck, the possibilities of suffering a heavy injury are a lot, and on top of in a very typical automotive accident with another traveler vehicle. While suffering an injury in a very truck accident, many of us hunt down an attorney that handles traffic accidents. Sadly, whereas those lawyers could have an excellent deal of expertise handling run-of-the-mill automotive accident cases and handling insurance companies, accidents involving industrial trucks is the wholly totally different animal that needs the expertise and data of a firm that makes a specialty of truck accidents.

  • 1. Determining Liability:

Determining the liability in truck accident cases is comparatively difficult. In most of the truck wrecks, determining the cost is pretty hard. Even the police officers who are on the accident will interview both the drivers and will mention the liable party’s name in the police report. The liability for truck accidents is pretty complex as many people are involved like the truck drivers, trucking company, the manufacturer of the truck parts all together have a duty to ensure the safety of the truck. And if any of them fails on their duties all are held liable for the accident.

  • 2. A Truck Accident Lawyer Can Use Discovery To Your Advantage:

In addition to hiring a talented accident investigator to see the basic reasons behind the accident, a truck accident professional can use his knowledge to the invention method to your advantage. In discovery, lawyers from {aspects, each side, and either side} are allowed to request vital documentation to assist prove their side. An attorney who focuses on truck accidents has the data and skill to understand that key documents are often crucial to proving your case.

  • 3. Negotiations:

Negotiations can be complicated in such accident cases. In normal accident cases, your attorney will likely negotiate with only either of the party i.e. the insurance company. As said first there are more parties involved in truck accidents your lawyer has to be skilled in negotiating with multiple parties simultaneously.

  • 4. Identifying Defendants In A Truck Accident Case Is More Difficult:

An extension of decisive liability is distinguishing defendants. Many alternative entities might probably be defendants in any truck accident case. A truck accident attorney is going to be ready to establish all potential defendants and verify the acceptable venue to file a cause supported the parties concerned.

  • 5. There Are Laws And Regulations That Are Specific To The Trucking Industry:

The FMCSA places laws and rules specific to the industry that doesn’t apply to rider vehicles. As an example, transport corporations area unit needed to confirm that their drivers have met bound qualifications before in operation an advertisement truck. In addition, there are a unit laws in cities that govern the quantity of hours a driver will add a given week. This area unit simply tiny samples of many rules the industry should go with. A truck accident professional is intimately aware of all of those rules and perceive however they apply to your case.

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