How do cops decide whether or not to give a ticket?

How do cops decide whether or not to give a ticket?


There are some things that drivers do that are an instant “Oh you’re gonna get a citation”. Careless driving, aggressive driving like tailgating at 75 mph, reckless driving, DUI, DUID, not stopping for a pedestrian,  failure to dim, etc.

But my goal is to correct bad driving habits. The minor violations, like not signaling a turn, or illegal lane change, speeding 10 over, I want to know that my stopping you had an impact on your driving habits. If you admit to the mistake and I feel you will do better, at least in my area of patrol, I may give you a break. From my perspective at this point, females are driving too fast and being too aggressive in my area. I really dislike the eye batting flirting, the bra adjustment technique, and the tears. Own up to why I stopped you. Tell me that you will watch and correct your driving habits. Oh and, If you are an ass, you get a ticket.


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