All About Criminal Procedure Code And The Criminal Attorney

All About Criminal Procedure Code And The Criminal Attorney


Criminal Procedure Code ensures a fair trial by assuring that neither any one of the rights of the accused is compromised nor are they unjustifiably favoured. The code also makes sure that the concerned judge concerned patiently listens to all those parties who are related to the trial.

So every relevant party must present at the day of trial so that the judge can know about each and everything about the case and hears all the details directly from the party, to reach to a proper judgement. That is why the code of criminal procedure is concerned about the fact that every party who is related to the case is it thee accused or a witness, must be present at the court on the day of trial.

The code ensures this through various measures, namely summons, warrant, proclamation and attachment of property.

Well now the question is who represents an accused with criminal charges to the court?

It is none other that the criminal defense attorney.

Anyone who is charged with a crime is allowed to hire a criminal defense lawyer or criminal attorney to represent himself in the court.
[AdSense-B] So if are an accused and planning to hire the services of a criminal defense lawyer, you must know about the services performed by your lawyer.

  1. A criminal lawyer researches, prepares and argues about the case in favour of his/her client in order to defend them from the criminal charges.
  2. Negotiates a deal with the prosecutor to reduce your duration of sentence or to eliminate some charges brought against you. But if you represent yourself without any lawyer, the prosecutor may not be willing to negotiate.
  3. It is quite obvious that a criminal lawyer is much more knowledgeable about the legal rules as compared to that of the accused. As a result the lawyer can educate the accused about all the important legal rules and regulations about the criminal prosecution.
  4. The guilty person upon whom charges are levied for committing the crime often feels embarrassed and depressed. A criminal defense attorney also provides aid and support to ease such an emotional phase of his/her client.
  5. If you are really guilty of any crime then witnesses may not be willing to give any statement in the court for fear of their own safety. But if an attorney talks to them, they may not refuse for giving any information.
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