Types of Child Custody Arrangements: Divorce Lawyers Adelaide

Different Types of Child Custody Arrangements: Divorce Lawyers Adelaide


Frequently the most significant matter for parents subsequent to separation is: who will get custody of the children? At divorce lawyers Adelaide, we have a group of skilled child custody lawyers. We will be able to advise you regarding your legal responsibilities and rights with respect to your children’s living preparations. Such advice may comprise various proposals to take into consideration your children’s age or your requirements for changing work.

Proposed Custody Preparations

While making or thinking about a proposal with respect to the living preparations of the children, it is wise to take in particular information regarding the time the children will spend with each parent:

  1. Until they begin school
  2. Once the children are of school age, during their school terms and during school holidays
  3. For Christmas and Easter every year
  4. On the birthdays of the children and if suitable, on the birthdays of the parents
  5. On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
  6. For any other particular events pertinent to your family.

Over and above the time the children are going to spend with each parent, a comprehensive proposal should comprise particular details about:

  1. If both the parents can get in touch with the children’s school and be present at school or extracurricular actions
  2. Medical details about the children, comprising notification in the occasion of medical emergency
  3. Notification of any change of contact details or residential address for the other parent.

Mediation and Negotiation

Parents are fervently persuaded to decide on preparations with respect to the custody and contact of their children without having recourse to Court procedures. To this purpose, the Act stipulates that parents take part in resolution of family dispute before issuing Court proceedings, except in some restricted situation. Our experts at DIVORCE LAWYERS ADELAIDE can give you advice on your rights and obligations and talk about probable proposals prior to your participation in dispute resolution.

Formalizing Preparations

If you succeed in negotiating a preparation with respect to the custody as well as access of your children, you can formalize the agreement in two ways:

  1. Parenting Plan – this document is a written one and it is signed by both the parents. It is recommended that a solicitor should prepare the document, but either party can write it and both parties can sign it with date.
  2. Consent Minutes of Order – These forms are normally made by a solicitor on behalf of one party to make sure the agreement is rightly documented. When these are completed the proposed orders will be submitted to a Register of the Family Court for review and then they are made as final Court Orders.

Every relationship between parent and child is different. In certain cases, a Parenting Plan is apt; in numerous cases consent order is recommended. Divorce Lawyers Adelaide is here to advise you about the option that will best suit your condition and preparation of the required documents to make sure that you have all the needed protection for you and your children.

Contact us at Divorce Lawyers Adelaide for any queries about your issue. Divorce lawyers Adelaide has expert lawyers for offering legal advice suitable to your requirements.

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