Easiness in The Filing The Consumer Complaints is Easy?


The tempo of the online medium has made the things easier for the one of the largest democracy in the world, that’s India. With the coming of the happiness, there is always a cue of dissatisfaction also. It is not always the solution to get the frustration and angriness built in you. In the technologist world, certain easiness is provided to the consumers with the laws and the legalities involved. If as a customer, you are sued by the various trigger severe dissatisfaction in the form of the inappropriate product and services, there are many ways to get in the process of the legalities involved. The most effective way to get in the process of filing and lodging the complaints are-Online consumer Forum and Consumer Courts.

The consumer complaints are mostly in the form of the

  • Inappropriate quality of the services and the products
  • Taking the products without bills
  • Telecom Provider problems

These types of the complaints are the one that is more common in the urge of getting the new things and services. There are certain reasons of the making of getting the consumer complaints filed and resolved at easiness. The most proactive ways to get the fixation of such problems is through online consumer forum and Consumer court. From the Customer point of view, it is required to get close to the needs of checking the items before making the purchase decision.

The legal process of the Customer protection Act helps protects and safeguards the interest of the consumer makes it very easy for any consumer to approach the consumer forum and commission. It’s all about filling the online complaint in the consumer forum with the paper work and it the resolution process is not met then it better to approach towards the consumer court.

Before filing the complaint

Before filing an online complaint before a court (depending upon the valuation and evaluation of the case) you must complain to the service or product provider and the manufacturing company as the case may be. There is a possibility that the production company or service provider is ready to rectify their mistake and replace your product or pay you compensation.

The effective way to realize the need and the promises of the online consumer forum can be judged on the basis of the success generated from the grievances redressal from the certain alternatives.

Consumer Court – Is the need to file a complaint needed?

The need to approach the consumer Court is not the always reason to be involved with the certain things and the sets to do the legalities. But, it is needed when the certain cases arise where the problems of the consumers are not resolved easily and with the complete dedication.

Before getting in the legalities of the consumer court, it’s better for the consumers to get in the remembrance of the checkpoints

  • Make sure you have made a written complaint to the service provider. Written communication is a record or evidence of your case and this would help in strengthening your case.
  • You should have copies of the invoices, receipts or other records. These are strong evidence and you should keep them safe.
  • Make sure you have made a complaint to the customer care service of your mobile service provider.

The most important thing that matters is the realization of being a customer doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to complaint against your rights or against the illegalities. Unless we are assertive of our right the mobile service providers can easily fool us. Don’t be a victim of such betrayal. Be in the power crush of raising your voice in the online forums and consumer courts.

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