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Marriage is one of the most joyous events in life. Most assume that they will be married forever. However, unfortunately, some marriages do not end up working. For some, divorce ends up being the only option. When children are born of the marriage, it can definitely make the divorce more complicated. In determining child custody, family courts consider various factors in terms of what is in the best interests of the child. If you need help with a custody case, you can seek legal assistance from the Springfield Missouri Child Support Lawyers in Greene County.

You can benefit from the experience of lawyers who focus on family and divorce law. Such issues of determining child custody are complicated and have long-lasting effects on the lives of the children. With the experience of the lawyers in handling such cases, you can hope for a resolution that allows your children to move on with their lives after divorce.

Various factors play an important role in awarding child custody. In determining what is in the best interests of the child, courts the look at the wishes of the parents as to custody. Courts also look at the needs of the children in having frequent and meaningful contact with both parents. Courts also look at other factors like: the physical and mental health of all involved; the relationship of the children with siblings and other relatives; the child's adjust to home, school and community; whether a parent desires to relocate; and even the wishes of the child. In weighing all these factors, the family court judge often has to make difficult decisions.

In most cases, both parents are going to have frequent and meaningful contact with their children. A recent Missouri statutory update also makes equal parenting time the presumption in Missouri. Courts can deviate from equal parenting time, but must make specific findings explaining why equal parenting time was not awarded. Nonetheless, you need experienced lawyers to guide you in any child custody matter.

These are critical legal aspects to any child custody case. Instead of trying to go it alone with an attorney, it is always advisable to let a lawyer handle a child custody case for you. Having an attorney in your corner will ensure that your case is handled appropriately from a legal perspective.

Some child custody cases involve unmarried parents who are litigating a custody and support case under the Uniform Parentage Act (known generically as a “paternity” case). In paternity cases, you will want a lawyer representing you as well, just as you would in a divorce. The Springfield Missouri Paternity Lawyers in Greene County can provide you this guidance.

Determination of child support depends on multiple factors in Missouri, including the gross income of each parent, and is calculated using a Form 14. The Form 14 also takes into account the cost of health insurance, daycare, the visitation time of the non-custodial parent and other variables.

Children need a relationship with both parents. However, fathers sometimes have to take extra steps to establish their rights. This is particularly true where a child is born out-of-wedlock. The Springfield Missouri Fathers Rights Lawyers in Greene County can help unmarried fathers establish their rights, visitation and address support related issues.

There can be circumstances in the future where the income of the parents can reduce or increase substantially. There are also cases where what was in the best interests of the children in terms of custody and visitation has changed. In such cases, you may have the ability to seek a modification as to child custody and support. The Springfield Missouri Modification Attorneys in Greene County can provide legal assistance in seeking a modification.

In the end, custody and support related issues require legal assistance from an attorney who is competent and licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction. It is always better to leave such important matters in the hands of an attorney versus trying to handle it without one. This can ensure that you have the best possible chance for a successful outcome.

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