Good, successful excuses people have used after being pulled over by a cop

Good, successful excuses people have used after being pulled over by a cop


Here are some true life stories and good, successful excuses people have used after being pulled over by a cop.

I stopped a woman who was going about 50 mph in a 35 mph zone.  She explained that she had just picked up her husband from the airport after his Army deployment in Iraq and she wanted to get home quickly so they could make love.

Christopher Hawk, 20-year police patrol veteran, specializing in traffic

I saw a red car running red lights as if they weren’t there. The driver appeared to be a woman and it was just past dusk, so it would’ve been hard for her to say she missed seeing all the red lights.
I finally pulled her over on a neighborhood street and she complied by pulling over the side of the road.
When I walked up to the driver’s s side of her car, she rolled down her window and looked up at me with tears streaming down her face. My first thought was that she was going to try to use tears as a means to get out of this ticket.
I asked for all of her information and if she knew why I stopped her and how many red lights she went through?
She looked down embarrassed, tears still streaming down her face and answered very softly “no I didn’t.”
I asked her why was she crying and if everything was okay?
She replied that about a month earlier her husband had died unexpectedly and suddenly. He was only about 35 and this was her first day back to work.
As she got into her car and began to drive home, she realized this was her first night to drive home to an empty house and the reality of it all devastated her.
At that point I knew I’d be writing no tickets and asked where she lived. I told her I would follow her home to make sure she didn’t have an accident and I did.

India L. J. Mitchell, Retired Police officer

Moshe Dayan, Israel’s famous general and defense minister who’s most notable feature was his trademark eye patch.

Stopped on one occasion by a policeman for pushing the speed limit, Dayan said with a wry smile: “Officer, I have only one eye. What do you want me to watch—the speedometer or the road?”

Having spoken to and worked with many police officers in my past, they’ve often told me that 99% of the time, they’ve already made up their mind whether you’re going to get a ticket before they’ve even stepped out of their patrol car to talk with you.  About the only thing you can do once they’ve made that initial decision is to make it worse for yourself by doing something stupid.  Invariably, they say that the person who is calm, polite, respectful, and understands the situation and the consequences gets the most lenient treatment.

… I pulled over as soon as I saw the flashing lights.  I can count on one hand the number of interactions I’ve had with law enforcement.
He gets out of his cruiser and walks up to my passenger side and I roll down my window.  He says “Do you have any idea how fast your going?”
“Sorry officer, I just got off work and I’m trying to get my marriage license before the Clerk’s office closes.”
He looked at me me and said “No one in the world would make that up.  Congratulations and drive safely.”

I got pulled over for going about 70mph in a 55 zone on the highway while driving my old car. This was in my old car which, at the time, was a 15-year-old, rusted out, 115hp, 4 cylinder piece of crap with headlights held on with duct tape.
The cop walked up to me and asked, “Do you know how fast you were going?”
I responded with a big smile, “Yes sir, but when you drive a high performance vehicle like this, there’s no way to resist opening her up on an open road.”
The cop looked at me, looked at the car, and actually laughed. He let me off with a warning, and told me I should think driving it on a closed course when I was feeling the need to really let loose.

Context is key, so you need to know that this friend, named Bob, was an airline pilot who held an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot license). He also was semi-professional drag racer who held an NHRA license. And, of course, a regular state driver’s license.
Bob got pulled over for speeding and a nice gentleman of an officer, who was clearly close to retirement age walked up to the window and said, “You were going pretty fast back there. I need to see your driver’s license, your race driver license, and your jet pilot license.”
Bob was horrified that the cop had all that info on him. He worried about consequences to his professional and semi-professional careers. He dug through his wallet and finally said to the cop, “Well, here’s my jet pilot license. Here’s my race driver license. And here’s my driver’s license.”
The cop stared at all three for a bit then started laughing. “I’ve been pulling people over for decades and, to break the tension, I always ask them for their jet pilot license, race driver license, and driver’s license. When they can only pull out a driver’s license, I then say, ‘Well, that’s too bad, because to drive that fast you need all three of those licenses, so I’m going to have to give you ticket. If you had all three I could let you go.'”
“You’re the first person who has ever had all three, so to be true to myself I’m going to let you go.”

I was going along at about 80 mph as I came up to Pecos, Texas, after a long stretch of nothing and nobody else on the road to pick up I-20, when just outside of town I saw a sheriff’s car on the side of the road.
I knew he had to have seen me coming from a mile off, so I just went ahead and pulled over before he even got his lights on. He didn’t have to do more than make a U-turn across the road to pull up behind me.
“I guess I don’t need to tell you that you were speeding.”
“No, sir.”
“Any reason?”
“You looked bored. I thought I’d give you something to do today.”

I stopped a lady for doing 45 in a 30 mph zone… She stoutly denied she had been speeding.  I offered to show her the radar gun but she insisted she’d been looking at the speedometer.
I looked at her car and asked…”Is this your car?”    “No…It’s my son’s”.
“Show me the speedometer.”    She pointed to the tachometer…. She’d been turning a nice, stead 3000 rpm…
Mark Werner, 45 years in police work.

Cop arrives at female driver’s side door with his ticket book in hand.  He asked the lady if she knew why he was stopping her.  The lady responded saying , “Yes, you are selling tickets to the NC State Trooper’s Ball.”
The Cop responded before thinking, “Ma’am NC State Troopers don’t have balls.”   He closed his ticket book and walked away..

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