The Hassle Free Way to Obtain a Green Card


The EB 5 Visa is coined as being the hassle free way to obtain a green card into the USA. While you still have to go through the various types of paperwork and the wait times for processing, it is a straight line process compared to many of the others which you may be thinking about applying for.

Investment Process When you got the EB 5 Visa route, you aren’t buying your way in. This is a common error in the way of thinking about it. Instead, it is an investment method and there is a huge difference. The other issue you have to remember is that like any other type of investment, there are risks.

There isn’t a guarantee you will be approved when you go this route, but there is a very good chance. If you don’t get approve for the EB 5 Visa, you don’t get that money back. In fact, if you work with any agency to assist you and they tell you that you are guaranteed or you get the money back if you aren’t approved, they aren’t being honest with you about how the process works. Investment Amount The EB 5 Visa is very expensive, and the investment amount can be up to $500,000.

This doesn’t include the administrative fees for processing either. That money has to be shown to be available to invest in a particular type of business that is deemed as being legitimate in the country. The investment also has to show the company will be able to offer jobs for at least 10 employees.

This is a stipulation to prevent those with deeper pockets from another country to have a loophole to essentially just pay their way into the USA as a legal resident. If the application is approved, the individual will be able to stay in the USA for a period of two years with various conditions.

If they continue to meet those conditions, the timeframe can be extended. Typically, the immediate family of the applicant is able to come to the USA with them. This includes a spouse and children. Sometimes, extended family members are also approved if it can be shown they will be a necessary part of running the day to day business operations.

At any given point, it may be requested for bank records, business records, and other details. If they are verified as being legitimate, the business will be allowed to continue. However, if there are discreprencies, it could void the Visa and end the ability of that person to operate such a business in the USA.

The goal is to enforce the regulations to make sure this type of Visa isn’t abused. Finding a Regional Center The best way to learn the pros and cons of the EB 5 Visa and if it is right for you is to go through a regional center. You do need to evaluate them based on feedback and overall reputation.

You have to be careful as some of the providers aren’t ethical in what they charge or the methods they use. The last thing you want is to get blacklisted due to their chosen methods. You should have an expert lawyer on your side too when it comes to EB 5 Visa. They can walk you through the various laws that pertain to your situation.

They can explain it to you in simple terms as the legal jargon can be hard to figure out on your own. They can also verify all of the correct documents are filed on your behalf. Understanding the laws and the process to get your Visa can be complicated. Allow us at to assist you with getting results.

We can answer your questions, help you with the paperwork, and take care of the processing. We realize it can be a difficult process to get through on your own and we are proud to be here to assist you every step of the way. With our help, you can avoid common mistakes that can delay your Visa or result in it being denied. We offer fast service for a fair price so you can get the results you need.

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