How Can an Attorney Help With a Workers’ Compensation Claim?


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces a strict set of workplace safety regulations that are mandatory by law. Any violation of these safety regulations can result in hefty fines, lawsuits, and various other penalties. If the violation causes an employee to be injured, the liable party is subject to paying even more for any damages and losses incurred as a result of the workplace accident. There are several types of parties or entities that can be held liable for workplace accidents, including:

The Employer – The owner or employer of the victim could be held responsible for their workplace injuries if they, in some way, neglected their duties to provide a safe work environment.

The Manufacturer – If a defective product, device, machine, or type of equipment causes serious injury to an employee, they could be held liable for the damages and losses incurred.

A Fellow Employee or Co-Worker – If a coworker or fellow employee neglects their job duties in a way that causes another person to be seriously injured, they could be held liable for the damages and losses incurred.

One or more of the abovementioned parties could be responsible for a workplace accident. In this case, a workers' compensation claim would be more complex since more than one claim would be involved. Most often, victims of workplace injuries do not receive as much recompense as they would if they had hired a personal injury lawyer to manage their claims. An experienced personal injury lawyer can recover more money in a workers' compensation claim because they have the knowledge, time, and resources to implement all the needed investigative work to deliver a strong and impactful presentation in court. This may include a series of expert panels, witness testimonies, lab tests, investigations, and more. They would first file the claim, then gather and present all the documentation for evidence, mange all negotiations, and if necessary, settle the case at trial.

Victims of workplace injuries need to know their rights so that they can recover the full and fair compensation they need to pay for hospital bills, medical expenses, lost wages, and more. In serious cases, victims may even be awarded recompense for pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement or disability, and more.

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