How to Lodge Complaint Against The E-commerce Companies?


Are complaints filing as simple as it seems?

Lodging the complaints have become one of the easing processes, as it was earlier and now with the digitization of the country India, with the launching of the Digital India. But don’t know why people are stuck in the sniff of the improper services and products. Is it sometimes the situations come, where the consumers are not self-aware about the products and services.

Digitization needs in the online consumer forum

Due to the Digitization of the country, India with the different needs in terms of the online mode has made the work even and forever simpler for humans. There are certain habits of ours that force us to get involved in the process of the lodging of the complaints in the online consumer forum. Most of us, if not all, have been served with inflated bills, charge for value added services which we never subscribed to, high data charges etc. add to this frequent call drops and bad network. One of these is alone to trigger severe dissatisfaction towards your mobile operator. These are the times when we want to use our telecom service, provider.

Amidst of the E-commerce companies impacting their reputation

E-commerce platform is the one that on sometimes, doing the misunderstandings by sending some other product instead of the customers have ordered. It is mostly carried out by the people who are involved in the process of packaging and not taking the care of the items to be distributed and makes the fooling of consumers. That led to the certain action of lodging the complaints in the online consumer forum and consumer court. That solely, lead to bring down the reputation of the firm/ company and definitely becoming the reason of complete disgrace.

How can Bhonko online consumer Forum help you?

Make sure you have made a written complaint to the service provider. Written communication is a record or evidence of your case and this would help in strengthening your case.

You should have copies of the invoices, receipts or other records. These are strong evidence and you should keep them safe.

Make sure you have made a complaint to the customer care service of your mobile service provider.

Being a customer doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to complaint against your mobile operator or telecom service provider. Unless we are assertive of our right the mobile service providers can easily fool us. Don’t be a victim of such betrayal.

Sahil Prajapati Photo Sahil Prajapati is a dedicated content writer, who loves to write on the varied topics of colleges and universities and making a way to write on the different topics too. To explore more about the online consumer forum , you can register the complaints in the online platform Bhonko, for the quick resolution to the people’s needs.

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