wanting to be a police officer

I’m a female and wanting to be a police officer, what should I do?


Go to school.  Get at least a 2 year degree but preferably a 4 year degree. Get one in administration… they like that.

You have to make yourself more attractive than other applicants especially if you are a non – minority. Not being racist… it’s just a fact of life. Police agencies are “encouraged” to hire a certain amount of minorities.

Next, apply with the agency or agencies you would like to work for. Be honest on your applications… truthful in your answers. Some screw-ups can be worked with.  But if you lie, and the recruiter finds out, most likely your app will be dead in the water and you will not be considered. 

It would help to get yourself in good physical shape. Try running… try to do an 8 to 10 minute mile. Also, work on your core muscles and upper body strength. In your physical agility test, you will be, required to do things like run, drag a simulated body, climb over a wall, push open a heavy door, do pushups and sit ups. You’ll be graded on how well you can do them.

In the meantime, read and educate yourself about law enforcement. If your local agency allows it, do ridealongs. It will help you to understand what a police officer goes through and also it will allow you to see if this is something you really want to do.

PS.  Its the only job I ever loved.  Good luck!


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