Large Fire Impacts Las Vegas Business Close to Strip


There was recently a firefighter injured fighting a large fire in the central Las Vegas Valley, close to the Strip. Although the matter is still being investigated, it is unknown at the time of this posting if anyone else was burned or killed in the fire. The fire started inside an industrial building home to a carpet recycling company at 4365 Cameron Avenue by Harmon Avenue and Decatur Boulevard near the Orleans hotel in Las Vegas. The Clark County Fire Department responded to the first alarm at about 1 am and then called alarms two and three when they saw the extent of the fire, calling more crews to assist with fighting the fire. According to reports, at the peak, there were more than sixty firefighters working to extinguish the fire, which burned for more than four hours. According to a press release issued by the Clark County Fire Department earlier today, “Crews quickly determined that the fire was extensive and integrity of the structure was in question.” The fire created a thick, black smoke that was visible throughout the Las Vegas valley all the way through Henderson, and curious onlookers were forced to cover their nose and mouth to try to limit inhaling the toxic gasses. Aside from the firefighter, who was only minorly injured, the fire department did not report any injuries and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. With other house or business fires, sometimes victims are not so lucky.

Being injured in a fire can be a lengthy and painful experience. Usually, a burn injury is associated with longer stays in the hospital, ongoing medical procedures, physical scarring, skin grafts, and sometimes long-term debilitating pain. These experiences add up, both in time missed at work, time you could be enjoying with your family, quality of life, and costs incurred at the hospital, physical therapy, medication, and psychological treatment after enduring such a traumatic experience. If you or a loved one is injured in an explosion or fire in Las Vegas, it's really important to document all medical procedures and expenses incurred while treating your wounds. While some fires can be caused by mother nature or accidents, others may have been avoided if proper fire code is maintained or if safety checks were performed prior to the fire. Even if you manage to escape a fire without getting hurt or burned, your property could still become damaged. If there's someone at fault for causing a fire that's hurt you or a loved one, or extensively damaged your property, you might have grounds to seek financial support through this time of healing.

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James J. Simon is a professional blogger who focuses on personal inrury and accident law in Nevada. In this article, James discusses fire injury and burn accident law in Nevada .

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