Lodging Consumer Complaints in Consumer Court- How Much Effective?


Frustration and anger are the part of Life but don't get it involve in the process hampering with your health and wellness. It is not unusual to get so upset with a product or service that we just wish to use the service provider, manufacturer, seller or trader. The worry matter will not come because the laws relating to the online consumer forum and consumer courts have been framed to help of Rights and laws crafted by the government of the country. The Consumer protection act of 1986 is the one introduced to protect and safeguards the interest of the consumer makes it very easy for any consumer to approach the consumer forum and commission.

With the integration of the various issues relating to online consumer forum and online consumer court, the consumers need to get the void in the platform to mark the presence of the various problems and anomalies to get it resolves and get the best of help.

With the availability of the certain consumer redressal Forum, it has become quite necessary for the consumers to take the certain procedures to get in the lodging of the complaints. The District, State, and Country level consumer forum are there for the frustrated and uneasiness customers.

Filing the case in the consumer court

Before getting into the procedures of the online consumer court case filing, one needs to be clear with the paper work to get the procedures to get the filing processes easy, that was not before.

Before filing a formal complaint before a court (depending upon the valuation of the case) you must complain to the service or product provider and the manufacturing company as the case may be. There is a possibility that the production company or service provider is ready to rectify their mistake and replace your product or pay you compensation.

If this does not work or the company does not reply to you, you can move forward to file a case.

Remember you must file your complaint with the court within two years from the day the deficiency first became evident. The complaint should be filed with the court. Along with the complaint and affidavit, you should also attach some, important details and evidence such as bills etc. Also, make sure that you notarize your complaint and affidavit by a notary officer. The following are the details to be attached.

Document required for the lodging of complaints

  • Your name and address
  • The details of the company or dealer against whom you are filing the complaint.
  • Details about the defective product or service(time, place, type, etc.)
  • Copies of documents that can be used as evidence.

If you decide to hire a lawyer to represent you in court then you will have to sign a legal document authorizing your lawyer to represent you in court.

Make sure to make at least five copies of the complaint including three for the court, one for the court to send to the company and one for you.

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