What You Need to Know About Plea Bargains

What You Need to Know About Plea Bargains


When a person is charged with a crime, they have the legal obligation of answering to their charges. They are brought to the court, placed in front of a judge, and asked to plead their case. They can plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. No contest pleas are known as Nolo contender, and are not accepted in all states. Talk to your criminal defense lawyer about your plea options. In the meantime, continue reading to learn what you need to know about plea bargains.

Nolo Contender

As mentioned, a nolo contender plea is accepted in most states, but not all. A Nolo contender plea means that a person is pleading guilty, but not admitting guilt. They do not plan to fight the state’s case against them, even though they are not guilty. A defendant does not want to take the case to trial in fear that they will reap the maximum penalties for their charges. Most often, nolo contender pleas are used for traffic tickets and similar violations.

Plea Deals

Plea deals, or plea bargains, are contracts negotiated between a prosecutor and a defense lawyer. They compromise on a sufficient charge, which is usually lesser than the original, in exchange for a guilty plea. After prosecution and defense come up with a plea deal, they present it to the judge for approval. In almost all cases, plea deals are approved by magistrates. Plea bargains are a common occurrence and help speed up the judicial process for everyone.

Criminal Defense

It is critical to your future and your freedom to hire private counsel for your defense. A public defender, although equally adept, simply does not have the time to put all their energy into defending your case. They have multiple cases open at once, which prevents them from giving your case the attention it needs to avoid receiving the maximum penalties for your criminal charges. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect you from maximum penalties and extensive jail time. They have less workload since they are private defenders. This means they can give your case the attention it needs. They will work hard to get you the legal relief you desire.

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