Noah’s Law Being Considered in Maryland


Maryland has been considering the use of ignition interlock devices with a new bill, often referred to as Noah’s Law, that has been put before lawmakers. Recently, those who support it have been turning out to voice that support, as some fear it may not go through after all.

The bill was named after a police officer who passed away in an accident with a driver who was allegedly under the influence, causing the crash.Supporters include others who have lost loved ones in such accidents, with some of them taking the podium to tell their stories and to remind lawmakers that drunk drivers are still common, saying more needs to be done.

Issues with the Bill

The bill seemed to get a lot of support at first. If passed, it would simply have made it so that those who were repeat offenders or those who were excessively drunk would have to use ignition interlock devices on their cars. These devices are basically breath tests that are hooked up to the ignition system, so a driver can only start the car if he or she is sober and passes the test.

This iteration of the bill was being supported, but the House decided to tinker with it, making it so that injuries and deaths in these accidents would bring about harsher penalties. This has caused support to wane a bit, and those who simply wanted the ignition interlock portion to be passed are afraid it may not go through as it is now. This is why there has been a swelling of support as they fight for a bill that may be in peril of fading away entirely, due to late alterations.

Bringing Them Both Together

For lawmakers, the goal now appears to be finding a compromise. They’re looking to see if there’s a way to combine both versions of the bill, bringing them together into one that will pass. According to the father of the police officer after whom the bill is named, it doesn’t have the votes to go through now.

Monitoring Changes

While other states already have laws regarding ignition interlock devices, some of which are harsher than the ones being proposed in this bill, the change could still be huge for Maryland if it passes. All residents should keep an eye on the proceedings. It’s essential to know your

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