Online Consumer Forum- Weapon to Counter Consumer Complaints


Consumer “Upbhokta” is the most important pillar of any society needs which are involved in the different needs. You all have heard the proverb- “Precautions is better than cure”, the same thing is required when you are dealing with the purchasing of the goods and services from the manufacturers and sellers. Legalities are many, to counter with the defunctness and the poor quality of the services sold by the sellers and manufacturers. Though there are many laws and rights framed by both the developed and developing countries to get in the anomalies of the resolution of the complaints by the mode of “Online”. With the intent of the newest technology, based on the online mode, there is always at ease with the lodge of the complaints in the

  • Online consumer Forum
  • Online consumer court
  • District consumer case filing, and others

With the effectiveness of the online commodities and their use in the certain cases have to lead to counter the people needs in terms of anger and frustration, with the weapon of Lodging of Online complaints. The consumer complaints are lodged and a quick recap helps the team of the experts to deal with, the better way of communication to deal with the recording of the complaints.

Upbhokta Shikayat (complaints filing) are ease to be filled in the form of the paper work in the

Online consumer Forum- It is the simplest way to get the paper work involved in the lodging of the complaints-in the effectiveness of the query regarding the products and services of the different companies and the products can be related to any category. In this process the customer has to fill up an online complaint form mentioning a brief detail regarding the query or complaint to be made and for or against which company.

Consumer complaints- It is the time-consuming process to get the complaints filed with the help of the lawyer, one get themselves involved in the hectic and the time derivation process of getting the complaints resolved.

The teaching from the forums and court cases help people with their rights and educates customers how to take action against the Fraud firms. The main objective of the consumer forum is to increase awareness among the people regarding the forge things. The second objective of the forum is to provide fast and online support to the consumers so that they can get an easy solution online only. The Third objective is to sort out the unregistered companies and Firms so that people may also know that which company to be preferred which to be not.

The main point of the above discussion focuses on the pre investment in the needs to be self-aware of the services and product and to get the maximize benefits from the online consumer forums and court case.

Pre requirements before purchase of the products and services

  • Bring to the notice the items in terms of the quality check by yourself.
  • Checking the inquiries such as the manufacturing date and expiry dates.
  • Check the terms and condition of the service and product.
  • Having the back information of the company.

People are also needed to get the help from the certain masses about the latest trends and the consumer protection act. Be effective and be approaching, as, the marketplace is now moving a step beyond this. With the development of more sophisticated online consumer forums where customers can register their specific complaints, and have these forwarded to the company concerned.

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