Preparing to Meet a Real Estate Attorney

Preparing to Meet a Real Estate Attorney


When you are meeting a lawyer for the first time on a real estate matter of any kind, it’s a good idea to make a list. Before your appointment, know your concerns and questions.

That’s the first step. But it is a big one and will help with what’s next, which is meeting your lawyer. So let’s break down this list. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated.

Making a List

Why are you meeting with the lawyer? Are you seeking a specific service with respect to a particular place or general guidance? Whatever the issue is, try to boil that down to a few sentences. Write them down. Once you know your general goal for consulting with a real estate attorney, you’ll have a better sense of what to ask.

If you are buying a home, say, and want a lawyer to review the documents — of which there are many — consider all your concerns and gather all the paperwork. As you put your file together, questions will arise. Jot them down. Now you have a list.

It is natural to have many questions when buying a home. There is a lot to the process apart from finding the right place — securing financing, passing inspections, filling out endless forms with terms that are confusing and contain new vocabulary. If you’re involved in a dispute, that too will involve paperwork, complaints, letters, evidence. Getting help is a good idea and getting organized in advance ensures you get the best guidance.

Whatever the reason for your meeting, the key to preparation is gathering your thoughts and relevant documents. When you talk to the lawyer you’ll be able to convey your concerns and needs clearly and provide context. Those are the most important steps. Next, you need to meet with the attorney.

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