Reasons to Hire a Court Martial Lawyer


If you're in the military and have realized that you're going to have to appear in court, it's vital to start seeking out a court martial lawyer as soon as possible. Hiring a qualified military defense lawyer with a strong background of winning cases is the best way to help win your case involving the following alleged transgressions.

Sexual Assault

Wrongful sexual assault accusations can be absolutely devastating for your career in the military. When you're defending your reputation and hoping to maintain your rank, it's incredibly important to contact a court martial lawyer as soon as you realize that you're going to need to appear in court. The right military defense lawyer for your needs should be able to tell you about similar cases that they've taken on and won to help ease your mind and boost your confidence.

DUI or Alcohol Offenses

When you're active duty in the military, any broken rules are serious. If you've been caught or accused of consuming excessive alcohol or other banned substances, you'll need to have a competent military lawyer on your side to help you through the court process. DUI and other offenses involving drugs and alcohol are somewhat common in the military, and it's likely that your experienced court martial lawyer has had plenty of years to rack up experience defending clients in this type of case.

High Profile Cases

If your case has been receiving too much media coverage for comfort, it's time to seek help from a lawyer that's able to strategically plan how to interact with the media in your favor. As an active duty member of the military, negative coverage of your case can be embarrassing and even reputation ruining. In order to preserve your honor and reputation as an upstanding part of the military, it's in your best interest to work closely with a qualified court martial lawyer. Damage control in the media is one of the best things you can gain from a qualified and competent attorney on your side to represent you.

Assault Charges

Assault accusations can be damaging to your future in the military if you're not able to win your case. If you've been accused of assaulting someone during your time in the military, you should immediately seek help from an attorney. Many members of the military are unaware of the wide scope of problems that court martial attorneys are able to help with, but you should always check with your attorney of choice. It's likely that he or she will be able to help represent you even if you have a serious charge, like assault of any kind.


Being accused of fraud can be a nightmare, as it's one of the most difficult types of cases to win. If you're struggling with what steps to take next after being accused of fraud while serving in the military, it's time to step up and take action. When you choose to seek help from a qualified lawyer who has experience representing military members, you're much more likely to be pleased with the outcome of the court date.

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