Serious Crimes

Serious Crimes


Serious crimes (felonies) are the type of most serious offence in the united States. Many jurisdictions classify these offenses in different categories so that a previous offender who commits a crime particularly serious to receive a more severe punishment than an offender with no history.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime, felonies can be punishable with a fine, a sentence of imprisonment exceeding one year, or with both.

Examples of Serious Crimes

In the common law of the united States, the most serious of crimes involving typically immoral or offensive behavior that violated the moral standards of the community. Today, many crimes are classified as serious are still considered offensive to the moral standards in most american communities.

This type of crime, which include among others:

  • terrorism,
  • the betrayal,
  • the fire caused,
  • the murder,
  • the violation,
  • the theft and the kidnapping,
  • the traffic of drugs or weapons.

In many state penal codes a felony is defined not only by the length of imprisonment but also by the place of incarceration.

For example, crimes that are punished with a sentence of imprisonment in a state prison are considered felonies in most states. While those with incarceration in a local jail are considered minor crimes

Both if the offence is punishable with sentence of imprisonment in a local jail as if it is in a state prison, will normally be classified according to the place where the defendant is going to serve your sentence.

The Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of a serious crime (“felony”), contact as soon as possible to a criminal defense attorney. Many attorneys may offer a free consultation.

A qualified attorney is needed to negotiate a guilty plea, for a reduction of charges or even a dismissal of all fees.

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