Tips To Select Best Divorce Lawyer


Without the right assistance, divorce in Singapore is a cumbersome process. Separation is also a painful process. To lessen the pain of separation, hire the best divorce lawyer Singapore. Remember the Singapore divorce lawyer you choose, must be suited for your case. This will ensure you the maximum chances of winning.

Find the best divorce lawyer Singapore with the following tips:

TIP 1: Understand about the type of your divorce.

Before you start to look for a divorce attorney, you must determine what type of separation is yours. Whether it is contested divorce or an uncontested divorce? You must know this as both the types have different requirements. In a contested separation, both the spouse does not agree on certain ground. They may have different demands either about getting divorced or about other issues involved in the separation. The Singapore divorce lawyer has to perform a lot more work. If the separation is an uncontested divorce, the spouse agrees on everything. Only the necessary documents have to be drafted by a lawyer. As both spouse agree, court in not involved in making any determinations.

TIP 2: Know about the cost structure.

Though fees vary from lawyer to lawyer, but a good divorce lawyer can provide you top-notch services along with reasonable fees. To ensure that you are not paying high fees unnecessarily, conduct research about cost structures of different lawyers and make a cost-efficient choice. For divorces which are uncontested, request your lawyer for flat fee as both you and your spouse agree on all the terms of separation. For a contested separation, the cost depends on how many issues are agreed upon by both the partners and what numbers of terms are still left to be agreed.

TIP 3: Get adviceTake advice from your friends, relatives or colleagues to give recommendation and help you find the best divorce lawyer.

TIP 4: Google itTake help of Google and browse through profiles of various divorce lawyers out there.

TIP 5: Look for his/her qualitiesIf you want a successful outcome of your case then look that the lawyer possesses the following qualities:

Experience: Your attorney must hold good experience in the field of divorce proceedings.

Good Reputation: A lawyer with a good reputation of making his client win cases like yours can ensure you of a sure shot success.

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