Top 7 Things That Should Be Illegal but Aren't

Top 7 Things That Should Be Illegal but Aren’t


While many think of the law as a serious institution, it can have its quirks. And it’s always fun to learn about things you thought were against the law but are strangely legal — it’s like you’re getting away with something.

Here are seven of our favorites, from our archives:

1. Is It Illegal to Mail Poop?

Nope! Well, it depends actually. What was your intent when you sent feces through the mail? It could mean the difference between a joke and jail time.

2. Can I Shoot Down My Neighbor’s Drone?

If it’s in your air space (meaning above your property) and you have the gun legally (and use it responsibly), you can probably blast that annoyance out of the sky. You probably shouldn’t, even though it would feel really, really great.

3. Stealing Food Is Not a Crime, If You’re in a ‘State of Need’ in Italy

Be careful with this one — Italian legal decisions are necessary binding in American courts. But it might be a compelling argument if you get caught shoplifting sausages and cheese.

4. Public Urination Legal in San Francisco

Yep, you can pee in public. I you’re in San Francisco. And at Dolores Park. And using the nation’s first open air urinal. It’s the one facing the passing light rail trains.

5. Pastafarian Wins Right to Wear Spaghetti Strainer in MA License Photo

As long as you’re making a religious statement with your kitchenware, feel free to toss it on your dome for your DMV photo shoot.

6. You Don’t Need a Doctor for a Doctor’s Note, Lawyer Says

Want to feel like you’re 16 again? And trying to get out of Mr. Wonsover’s geometry pop quiz? Congratulations! You can fake a doctor’s note and it’s not illegal. Probably.

7. Is It Legal to Drive Topless?

Look — it’s summer. It’s hot out there. Or maybe you bought that convertible to save on trips to the tanning salon. Either way, most states don’t make it a law to wear a shirt when you’re behind the wheel.

The law can be a tricky thing. So to make sure you’re on the right of any legal quirks, give an attorney a call first.

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