Semi Truck Accident In Dallas

Are You A Victim Of Semi Truck Accident In Dallas? Here Is How To Go About It


Harsh but the truth, only the family who have lost their member or the victim who is suffering serious injuries knows the pain and have to move on with their life. But being in this situation doesn’t mean that you are hopeless, there are many things that you can do to achieve what is rightful. You can seek advice from some professional or go to the court for your rights.

Why Does Such Accident Take Place?

  • Drunk and Driving- Usually a lot of drivers don’t follow the safety and rules and they enjoy driving under influence, this will at the end lead to accidents which can turn out to be severe as well.
  • Improper loading- When an inexperienced driver load cargoes in the truck without having the knowledge or just in a hurry to reach the next destination quickly this leads to improper loading which often results in semi truck jack knifing.
  • Inexperienced driver- It might be because no proper training was provided to the driver which leads to no experience that is why they have no knowledge with types of truck and how to carry these trucks on roads, Furthermore this “no adequate knowledge” leads to semi truck accidents.
  • Distracted driving- Mostly it’s a human nature to get distracted from one thing and focus on the rest, but that doesn’t go hand in hand with driving situation, the truck drivers are usually distracted while attending phone call, talking with the person travelling with them and then listening to loud music for fun and forgetting to focus on roads which can often lead to severe accident.

These above points are major 4 reasons behind the truck accidents on roads which usually you as a responsible person should avoid to be in contact with.

Steps You Should Take After A Truck Accident:

When you are a victim of the truck accident all you need to do is first stop panicking, of course, it is natural to react that way but that won’t help you in any way. All you need to do is following the below steps and act logically.

  • Firstly call the police immediately, as it s very important to file a report against such accident. Though the accident that occurred did not damage a lot of your property or to your own self, that doesn’t mean you won’t file a case against the truck driver’s negligence.
  • Consult a doctor immediately, Even if your health is fine doesn’t mean that you will avoid sudden further consequences or further pains. Your Health is very important and safety should be your first priority. Have a complete medical checkup and do all testing to have a clear view of your health problem.
  • Sometimes there might be hidden injuries that could possibly be internal bleeding or swelling that will come in your notice after a long time but can cause pain a lot later, so again emphasizing on health do seek immediate medication. Proving that the injury was related to your accident can benefit you only and will make your case strong.
  • It is advisable to approach your insurance company, usually, the insurance company will help you get through the problem but don’t rely on them completely. File a report against the truck driver as well. This is a very important step as this step contains 2 very important points that you should do without fail.
  • Give a glance of your injury details to the insurance company so that they exactly know what is troubling you. Share with them what is affecting your daily life emotionally, physically or mentally as well.
  • There might be a situation where you are having a conversation with the truck driver’s insurance company, remember do not share everything in detail; it is advisable to keep the conversation limited. Tell them honestly about accidents and injuries but keep it to the minimum. Let them not take any point on the court against you.
  • Lastly, approach semi truck accident lawyer for your case. It is advisable to contact experienced lawyers for the same because such matters usually need professionals to handle and when you are in a tough situation where decision making from your side is completely not possible they can guide you well with it.

How much money can a victim receive after an accident?

This is possibly the most common question that victims usually asks. Here is the answer to all your accident claim related questions.

This involves 4 factors:

  • Liabilities- There are different rules of different states, and each determines a different way to claim liabilities, usually depending upon how much fault you had in the accident the claim is accordingly determined by the court. But make sure that you have a strong side or semi truck accident lawyers handling your case so that they can prove that your fault is less.
  • Injuries & Medical Treatment- injuries and medical treatment will heavily be considered by the insurance people. Obviously, a truck accident will cause injuries, small or big doesn’t matter but because of this, the more severe your injuries are the stronger your case will be.
  • Was a death involved? – Every state has different laws and rules regarding untimely death claims. If the victim is dead because of semi truck accident the family is liable to collect the compensation and claims. The victim’s family has the right to get paid with the money. Though money can never bring the dead person back. Each year so many people die because of truck accidents and a majority of the cases in lawsuits are related to accident only.
  • How much insurance money is in favor? – It is better to approach accident attorneys because they will be able to deal with the insurance company far well and they know what all policies are related to your accident. Sometimes the insurance company will hide certain things from you if you are your own lawyer for the case. So it is advisable to approach the professional who will handle the tantrums of the insurance company.

All the above things you as a victim or the victim’s family can claim. Be sure to have sufficient knowledge or seek help from some professional and try to make your case very strong.

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