What are Civil Rights

What are Civil Rights?


Civil rights are the rights to receive equal treatment (and to not suffer unfair treatment or discriminatory) in a variety of environments, including education, employment and housing among others.

At a historical level, the “civil rights movement” referred to efforts for true equality for african-americans in all facets of society. But today the term “civil rights” is also used to describe the advancement of equality for all people, regardless of race, sex, age, disability, nationality, religion or other characteristics.

What is the origin of the civil rights?

Most of the laws that guarantee and regulate civil rights originate at the federal level, either through federal law or by rulings of federal courts (such as those dictated by the Supreme Court of the united States). States also enacted their own civil rights laws (in general, similar to those of the federal level), and even municipalities like cities and counties can enact ordinances and laws related to civil rights.

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“Civil rights” and “civil liberties”

The “civil rights” differ from “civil liberties”. Traditionally, the concept of “civil rights” has revolved around the basic right not to be subjected to a treatment no equal on the basis of certain protected trait (race, sex, disability, etc), while “civil liberties” are freedoms and rights of wider guaranteed at the federal level by the Constitution and other federal laws.

Civil rights: How to Obtain the Help of an Attorney

If you believe you have been the victim of a violation of civil rights, the first step is to talk with a lawyer who specializes in civil rights. Important decisions related to your case can be complicated: you must know what laws apply in your situation and who may be at fault for the damages you suffered. A lawyer will evaluate all aspects of your case and explain the options you have at your disposal to ensure the best possible outcome.

Watch video What Are Civil Rights?

Civil rights are the inherent rights belonging to an individual. In this piece, Find Laws further explains civil rights through a combination of archive footage, inspirational quotes and graphics.

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