What Are The Penalties For Drunk Driving In New Jersey?


Drunk driving is considered as a gross violation of the traffic rules in the New Jersey with alcohol being the most impairing substance that drivers are held accountable to. Other chemicals and drugs are also included under the DUI regulations that have seen many drivers receive tickets to appear before the court. New Jersey has set the maximum blood alcohol level and once the content exceeds the set limit through a blood or breathe test while operating your vehicle, then you are considered to have violated the New Jersey DWI law. The level has been set to be 0.8-0.10%, above which you will be held responsible for drunk driving.

If you asked many drivers in the New Jersey, they will tell you that DUI charge is the most severe anyone can ever face. So what are the penalties for drunk driving in New Jersey? You won't believe it!

For first time offenders, the DUI law states that the offender will have to pay a penalty of $500 with insurance surcharges of $3000. You are also liable to loss of your license for up to a year and compulsory enrolment in drug and alcohol counseling program. There is also a possible jail term of 30 days looming over you!

Second time and subsequent offenders face even severe financial penalties and increased periods of license suspension and jail terms. Such penalties are so severe that they may affect your life in a number of ways including losing your freedom of movement due to lack of license and jail term sentences. Due to hefty financial fines, many have been reduced into poverty while others have been forced to compulsory community services.

Nobody will be willing to let all these penalties fall on their shoulders without a fight. The fight involves going to court and challenging it to withdraw the case or reduce the punishment one is facing. With the help of a New Jersey DUI or DWI attorney, you can easily maneuver a better way to walk out of this mess.

It is known by professional DUI that it is an offense to operate your motor while under the influence of alcohol among other drugs but they will always come to your aid to defend you and help you win the case. It is therefore important that you seek the expertise and skills of these lawyers in fighting the charges you are facing due to drunk driving. In a court of law, the prosecutor usually brings up the evidence of your driving patterns, appearance and sobriety test results to show that you were actually under the influence while driving. Another way the prosecutor presents your case is by applying the law “per se” without necessarily having to rely on the level of impairment due to drugs and alcohol. In this case, only your blood alcohol concentration is used and in case it exceeds the legal set limit of 0.08% then you are in violation of the law. In case you refuse to undertake the chemical testing, you are likely to face even worse criminal penalties that will involve loss of your driving privileges by revoking your driving license.

The under 21-years drivers have a set limit of 0.01% of which if you exceed, you are likely to face serious consequences as well. You however need to understand that DWI cases in New Jersey are different from other states since a jury trial is not an option. A court trial is instead tasked to determine whether you are guilty of the offence or innocent. You also have a second chance to prove yourself innocent by appealing the first verdict and the case transferred to a superior court's law division where a new judge reviews the case. At this stage, your DUI attorney and other lawyers will discuss facts of the case and all applicable laws.

The Driver Licensing Agency in New Jersey is not allowed to have a hearing or seek to revoke or suspend your license unless you are convicted and the court demands of the same.

From this information, you understand that the penalties for drunk driving in New Jersey are hefty. If you can't control your drinking or maybe caught on the cross-roads, hiring a renowned professional DUI attorney will be necessary.

Michael Curtis Greenberg Photo Michael Greenberg is a renowned and respected criminal and traffic ticket lawyer that has successfully served residents of Pennyslvannia and New Jersey in his capacity as a lwayer to get them out of their mess. You can visit Mikethetrafficlawyer at Penalties for Drunk Driving in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to help look into your case and prepare a solid defense on your behalf to ensure you have reduced punishment or better enough have your case thrown out of the court without paying for any penalties and walking out a free human ready to get back behind the wheels any time.

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