What Happens If You Get a DUI or DWI?


Drunk driving or driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated is a serious offense in every US states. In Michigan, law enforcements refer to drunk driving offenses as OWI or Operating While Intoxicated. Each state has its own BAC or blood alcohol content maximum level. However, each state has the maximum BAC level to 0.08%.

BAC level or Blood Alcohol Content

If your BAC level is or greater than 0.08%, you can be arrested and charged with crime. For underage or drivers under 21 years old, they can be arrested if their BAC level is 0.02% or greater. Penalties under Michigan law will be harsher should the BAC level is greater. If 0.17% or greater, “enhanced penalties” will be given to the driver.

There is also an important note need to be added. If one is driving, despite any level of BAC she/he has and exhibit signs of impairment, the driver can be arrested.

What Happens After a DUI Arrest?

For the first offense, your license will be suspended for up to 180 days, get 6 points on your license, a fine of $500, and 93 days in jail, if, your BAC is less than 0.17. On the other hand, if it is higher, penalties are more severe. You can get your license suspended for a year, $700 fine, and jail time of up to 180 days.

If it is your second offense, within seven years, two-year license suspension will be your penalty. If it is the third within seven years, five-year suspension or permanent loss of driving privileges are mostly possible.

DUI is a misdemeanor offense on its first or second conviction. However, if it involves accident with serious physical injury or death, or a third conviction within seven years, it will be classified as felony.

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