What Happens When you are Accused of a Criminal Charge?

What Happens When you are Accused of a Criminal Charge?


Criminal trials are exciting dramas on television, but the script is often omitted in the beginning of the trial. Here to provide you with information about how the charges are and what happens between the arrest and the trial.

How To File Criminal Charges, Method 1: The Information

The first way that you can begin a criminal trial is through a document called “information”. This document, drawn up by the prosecutor and is very similar to a lawsuit in a civil trial. In the information, the prosecutor described what happened in a series of statements and then demonstrates why the actions of the accused are crimes. The foundations of the information can come from police reports and other documents the product of the police investigation, but it can also come from complaints filed by citizens.

How To File Criminal Charges, Method 2: Indictment

The second way to begin a criminal trial is with an indictment from a grand jury. A prosecutor will review the evidence collected by police and will submit them to the jury. Then, the jury will decide if the accused should go to trial. A prosecutor may choose this method if you are not sure who will come out victorious in a criminal trial and considered the proceedings before the grand jury as a trial test.

How To File Criminal Charges, Method 3: Citation

The third way of filing criminal charges is the simplest. A police officer may see someone committing a minor crime such as speeding, jaywalking or littering, and to issue a fine, also known as a citation. The subpoenas can only be used to accuse someone of an offense, which are misdemeanors, which generally are not punishable with imprisonment. The person who receives the citation has the opportunity to object to it or you can simply pay the fine to end the criminal process.

See the sections of FindLaw on criminal law and criminal procedure for more information. (Note: the links in this article contain information in English.)

The process of the criminal law can be very difficult with a lot of stress. If charged for a crime, it is important to contact a lawyer immediately to protect and analyze their rights.

Criminal Arrest: Stages of Criminal Case

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