Immigration Interview Tips

Interview DOs and DON’Ts, Immigration Interview Tips


Many of the procedures of immigration, although not all, require an interview with an official of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (Bureau of U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, USCIS).

If you are prepared and not suspicious, the interview with the USCIS will be as pleasant as possible. Given that the tone of each interview depends on the personality of the USCIS officer with whom you meet, it is virtually impossible to be completely prepared.

However, it is important to remember that the USCIS officer shall determine if there is some other factor of your person, your background or your present circumstances that prevent obtaining the immigration status you want. The official has no personal problem with you.

What to do at immigration interview

Get READY for the meeting. Bring copies of all your forms and all the originals of your documents. Must be able to respond to questions about your forms without spreading too much and without much confusion.

HIRE a lawyer specialized in immigration to accompany you if the idea of go alone to the interview gets too nervous.

Be PREPARED to answer personal questions if the interview is in relation with her marriage to a U.S. citizen.

FOLLOW the directions of the USCIS officer. If the official wishes to conduct interviews with you and your spouse separately, this is correct.

LISTEN carefully and answer only the question asked by the officer.

BRING with you an interpreter if you do not understand English.

DRESS properly for the occasion. This meeting is important to you and it never hurts to make a good impression.

KEEP CALM. If you do not understand the question, ask the official who expresses it another way. If you really don’t know the answer to a question, it is better to admit ignorance than to invent the answer. It is also helpful to be prepared. If you know that there are parts of your application that can lead to suspicion, to practice a honest answer.

INTRODUCE yourself in a timely manner. The officials of the USCIS are difficult to contact and requests for changes in hours of interviews did not generate a good impression. If you do not show for your appointment, you may need to go through a lengthy process to get another interview.

What to do NOT at immigration interview

Do NOT make jokes to the USCIS officer. Especially avoid jokes or sarcasm, in connection with the sale of drugs, communicable diseases, bigamy, or smuggling people to the country.

Do NOT argue with your spouse or other members of the family in the middle of an interview. Agree in advance what you will do if a disagreement arises during the interview.

Do NOT argue with the USCIS officer. If the USCIS officer says part of your application is incomplete, ask for an explanation and attempt to remedy the situation by using the documents and forms you have brought with you.

Do NOT lose patience with the USCIS officer and do not refuse to answer questions. There are questions that may seem inappropriate or insignificant, but are likely to be within what is allowed by the policies of the USCIS. Remember what is the reward for the completion of the interview.

Do NOT lie to the USCIS officer. If you think that there is something that it would be difficult to explain, hire an attorney. The attorney will be able to handle difficult situations during an interview.

Legal assistance with the Immigration Process

You need to know the steps that involves meticulous preparation for each stage of the immigration process. If you or a loved one are considering live in the united States or become a citizen should contact an experienced immigration lawyer who can guide you at every stage of the process and protect your rights.

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