When You Need a Lawyer For Your Traffic Ticket


Nobody likes to receive a traffic ticket. While interacting with a police officer can be intimidating, fines and other consequences of traffic tickets can seem virtually unbearable. You might be tempted to avoid hiring a lawyer and try to fight your ticket without assistance. That might be a mistake. Here are situations when hiring a lawyer for a traffic ticket in Pasadena is a must.

You Have Received Other Tickets

As you probably know, the more traffic tickets you receive, the steeper the consequences. If you have a few citations in your past, you might be at risk of losing your driving privileges. You might also be in for exorbitant automobile insurance premiums. By working with the right attorney, you might be able to plea to a less-serious driving offense. Before you meet with your attorney, try to obtain a copy of your driving record. If your lawyer has a complete picture of your traffic history, he or she can better advise you on how to proceed.

Your Offense Involved Drugs or Alcohol

If you were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you probably shouldn't attempt to handle your legal proceedings by yourself. DUI law is extraordinarily complex, and many of those convicted serve time in jail. An experienced lawyer can explain your options and help you make informed decisions. Remember, a DUI citation is different than any other type of traffic ticket in Pasadena, so don't try to approach it like a minor motor vehicle incident.

You Injured Someone or Something

Fender-benders happen all the time. If you swapped paint with another vehicle, you might have received a citation for following too closely or for reckless driving. If that's the case, paying the ticket might be the first of many expenses. By working with an attorney, you can better understand your financial liability following a minor collision.

You Are a Minor

Young drivers seem to receive a disproportionate number of traffic tickets. If you haven't been behind the wheel long, you probably want to hire a lawyer to fight your traffic ticket. If you don't, you might have to take driving classes or lose your driver's license altogether. For a better chance at a clean slate, then, you might choose to rely on the expertise of a traffic ticket lawyer.

While you might try to fight your traffic ticket in Pasadena by yourself, doing so might be a mistake. In certain situations, a lawyer is essential for a satisfactory outcome. If you find yourself in one of these, consult with an experienced attorney before trying to dispute your Pasadena traffic ticket TX.

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