10 ways to avoid Penalties for Drunk Driving

10 ways to avoid Penalties for Drunk Driving


When someone is convicted of DUI, he believes that it’s difficult to get out of it. They simply agree with the conviction without questioning their rights.

One needs to question the officer during evaluation. Otherwise, he may be sentenced. This is because they ignore their legal rights without reacting.

Here are the 10 ways to avoid Penalties for Drunk Driving:

  • Field sobriety test

A legal obligation is mandatory for a cop to let you perform a Field sobriety test.

Most of the people allow the cops to conduct the test without questioning. This means, if you are drunk you will be convicted. The repercussions of getting convicted for a DUI case are intolerable.

You will be charged with fines and penalties. Moreover, if it’s for the third time or if the BAC crosses .8% you are liable for imprisonment.

Keep in mind; you are not liable for Field Sobriety test unless required. You need to evaluate and question the officer before any test. This can avoid you from getting arrested.

  • Don’t be Aggressive

If you are not aware of the laws, don’t react angrily. The officers have the right to charge you. On the other hand, if you go rude, he gets the right chance to arrest and fine you.

Talk to him sincerely, because if you are drunk you’ll be caught in no time. Talking aggressively can reveal your sobriety. Stay calm and be polite while you converse.

Few people straight away become ruthless at the officers by avoiding them. They do not realize its aftereffects. You may be able to avoid an arrest easily but talking ruthlessly can cause you conviction.

  • Drive in a well-mannered way

Avoiding the suspicion is an important process to prevent an arrest. Don’t let the officers recognize you as drunk.

  1. A good structure and maintenance of your vehicle can do it. A DUI conviction is possible only when you are pulled over. You will not be pulled over unless the officers feel any suspicion.
  2. To avoid suspicion, maintenance of your vehicle is necessary. Make sure that your vehicle is absolutely in good condition.
  3. This includes maintenance of headlights and windows and avoiding harsh driving. Make your driving look sincere and trustworthy.
  • Use public Transportation

The above points seem a little bit difficult to execute. Well, if you think so here’s another plan. If you are drunk and worried about getting caught, prefer a public transport.

Obviously, officers are not going to arrest you getting inside a public transport.

Instead of using your own car, and getting pulled over by the officers, it’s better to choose a public transport.

  • Appoint a designated driver

Drinking regularly is a habit. To change it is difficult. The one who drinks and drive regularly will surely have a regular place behind the bars. There’s no need for any other reasons for a cop to pull you over.

To avoid being convicted of DUI, it is better that you appoint a designated driver.

A designated driver who doesn’t drink will be a great choice. It can be beneficial for you to face the DUI without any worries.

The driver must have appropriate Id, license and contact details in his hand while driving.

  • Make your intention against driving

It doesn’t matter even if the car is parked, the police will arrest you if they find the key in your pocket. You had a little bit of drink and fell asleep in the driving seat; well, officers will mind it.

Prefer to sleep at the back seat with keys on the driving seat. This can make the officers assume that you have no intention to drive.

Being in the driving seat drunk and with keys around can lead to a DUI conviction.

  • Better not to be too reactive.

During the trial, the testimony provided by the officer will be crucial. Talking anything against or anything displaying intoxication can cause a bad impact.

If you claim that you are not drunk, the blood test can prove you wrong. The officer will consider you a liar.

This note can create trouble for you in the court. It is better that you don’t react. Staying silent can help you at the end.

  • Hire a lawyer

This step can be the best one to go for. Going to a trial or applying a plea requires efficiency to handle.

A DUI lawyer can provide you the aid. He will analyze your problem considering all legal complications. It’s your job to explain him the case clearly.

The lawyer will then create evidence to defend your case smartly. He can lessen the intensity of the case through strong defensive strategies.

A DUI lawyer can even convert your sentence into a minor penalty.

  • Awareness about the law

You are in New Jersey or Pennsylvania; try to gain maximum knowledge about the traffic laws in the state.
[AdSense-B] If you are afraid of being arrested for a DUI conviction then you must surely know the laws. It is important because when you are pulled over by an officer, you must be able to understand what is he explain.

Failure in knowledge about BAC limitation and traffic rules can get you in trouble. Laws affiliated to Drunk and driving is very complicated, especially after the conviction.

You may have to suffer paying fines or deal with license suspension.

  • Prepare yourself for the trial

Avoiding drunk and driving will not be possible every time. If you are convicted, you have to go for a trial.

Facing a trial is a challenging process especially when you have not hired a lawyer. If you decide to fight the penalties for drunk driving conviction by yourself then it’s important that you prepare yourself.

Go and attend the trial to understand how it really works. Observe the courtroom and familiarize yourself with it. Notice the way the participants conduct trial.

It will be better if you are able to consult a lawyer. He can provide you all the necessary legal knowledge required for your case.

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