False Assumptions About Beating OWI Charges

False Assumptions About Beating OWI Charges


There are various assumptions about OWI charges, and most of them are untrue. When it comes to drinking and driving, the facts are all that matter in the eyes of the law. If you are facing OWI charges, or habitually drive while intoxicated, you might benefit from reading these common OWI myths. Take these facts and use them to protect yourself in the future. And be sure to consult with a reputable criminal defense lawyer for help understanding your OWI charges and the possible penalties you face.

Here are the most common false assumptions about evading drunk driving charges:

1. Sucking on a penny will help you pass a breathalyzer.

This myth has been around for decades, and yet for some reason, it has survived in spite of its baselessness. Perhaps someone a long time ago thought the copper could throw off a breathalyzer test, but it simply does not.

2. Refusing to take a breathalyzer will help you beat an OWI charge.

This is by far one of the most inaccurate myths out there. First, when you apply for a driver’s license, under law, you automatically give your consent to chemical testing by law enforcement. If you refuse after being pulled over, you will still be immediately arrested and taken to jail, your license will be immediately revoked for at least one year, and your case will continue in the same direction it would have had you just taken the test. Basically, refusing a breathalyzer just makes it worse for you.

3. Chugging alcohol in front of an officer inhibits the state from being able to prove your BAC prior to being breathalyzed, and therefore, they cannot prove you were drunk before being pulled over.

In no way is this a good idea. Although this makes sense in technical terms, it is not likely it will help your case. Not only will a judge and jury will look at this behavior as suspicious, they will see it as a blatant confession of guilt. Why else chug a bottle of liquor in your car during a routine traffic stop? It seems out of place and unreasonable, therefore, it would not help you beat an OWI charge.

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