Hiring a Caregiver

3 Important Tips for Hiring a Caregiver


We want to take care of our parents and older friends and family, and with so many stories of abuse of seniors out there, trying to hire the right caregiver can be worrisome. Any wrong decision could have disastrous consequences, so how do you get it right? Without a doubt, there are compassionate, considerate, and caring professionals who can help the older loved ones to live their lives better for their remaining years. Then, how to find it? Here are a few tips to hiring a caregiver:

1. You should know what you need

You are looking for a companion who will help pass the time in a constructive manner? Or do you need a more comprehensive health care? Finding out what your loved one needs ahead of time will help you focus on documentation type and layout that you want to see out of a caregiver. This will also help you if you are planning on hiring through an agency, since there are many to choose from. Establishing your needs in a caregiver will allow you to narrow your search to focus your research.

2. Know the arrangement

If you are hiring a caregiver on your own, your listing and your contract of employment will be essential. A thorough job description can list the level of health care needed, and what will be expected of the applicant. You should also require at least two references, and follow-up to make sure that you know who you are hiring.

You must also have a contract for extensive care. This serves two functions: the contract puts the caregiver on notice as to what you expect and require from his services and also gives you resource for any variation or violation. (For example, using social security number of a person if he or she steals from you or a loved one).

3. Know what is going on

Concern does not end after a caregiver is hired. Know the types of maltreatment to older adults and the signs of abuse, so you can know if you made the right choice in caregiver. Diagnose and deal with elderly abuse can be difficult.

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