3 Processes Lawyers Can Automate to Save Time


With the use of legal software in law firms, these manual processes can now be automated to save lawyers a lot of precious time, which they can focus on handling the matter instead.

Software solutions such as Law Practice Management Software or Case Management Software are great choices. Here are 3 processes lawyers can automate to save time today!

Time tracking and invoicing

Whether you want to or not, keeping track of the number of hours you have worked on any matter is important to be able to bill your client for those hours later. Even if you don't bill on time spent, recording worked hours is important to track amount of time spent on each matter and also to track your resource productivity.

With traditional tracking mechanisms like diaries, spreadsheets or memos, timesheet recording can be monotonous, boring and very time consuming activity, even if it is necessary. However, with a Practice Management Software, lawyers have the ability to easily track these hours without having to recollect them at a later time, and instead simply automating the process of reconciliation.

Automation can help in tracking billable hours without having to manually do so, saving a lot of time. But what's a bigger advantage is that these hours can also be directly turned into an invoice and sent to your client without you have to specially compile the invoice, creating a seamless process to get your bills cleared when using such a Legal Billing Software.

Contract creation and management

Lawyers can't do without contracts, and since creating one is a long process, a Law Firm Software can help simplify the creation process. When manually done and even when using standard templates, contract creation needs extreme attention to detail and the lawyer needs to make sure that there is errors.

But using a Document Assembly Software ensures that the contracts are created in a quick and efficient manner, with no errors or discrepancies this is because the process of creating the contract is automated using your own standard templates and all the lawyer needs to do is fill a form to update the variable information.


Being on time, and ensuring that you don't miss out on any important dates is a top priority for lawyers, which is why it is vital to have a calendar with specific dates, and also an easy way to be reminded of those dates.

Traditionally, lawyers would have written down these dates on note pads, diaries, paper calendar or asked their secretaries to remind them, but this isn't a full proof way of managing these dates.

With a Case Management Software, lawyers will have the benefit of complete calendar integration, where all the important dates for your case or matter will be recorded into your calendar, and the lawyers will then be accordingly notified of the upcoming important dates.

If your law firm is looking for a legal software for Matter or Case Management, then have a look at the automation features in Practice League's Practice Management Software, created for simplifying processes in law firms and providing lawyers with more time to efficiently handle their matters.

Parimal C Photo Author is the co-owner of the firm Uberall Practice League which is offering legal technology solution to every small, medium and big scale industry and business professionals in India. For free demo contact us or visit us for the best Law Practice Management Software India.

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