6 Questions to Ask While Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer


Suffering a serious injury is devastating. You may have to stay out of work for many days (or weeks) and may even have to bear a lot of expenses in getting the medical treatment that you need. Thus it is important to understand your rights in case a serious injury and/or illness occurs at work. Work compensation law can be complicated, and therefore it is advised that should you need a workers' compensation lawyer, that you choose a firm that specializes in that area.

Here's what you need to ask from your chosen attorney before you actually hire them to help you get the workers' compensation claim that you deserve.

How Many Years of Experience do You Have in Handling Workers' Compensation Claims?

It is important to understand if you are dealing with a skilled and well-trained attorney who has the years of knowledge necessary to defend your case. When you hire someone who is a specialist in workers' compensation, you considerably improve your chances of getting the compensation that you are justified to receive.

Are You Going to Handle My Case Personally?

Relying on a lawyer who works personally on your case becomes important. Most leading lawyers in this area of the law need to get close to the family to understand the pain and suffering that the work-related injury and/or illness has caused.

According to You, What are The Strengths and Weaknesses of My Case?

Make sure you get your prospective lawyer's views on your case. A careful and detailed assessment of the case should help your attorney to figure out its strengths and weaknesses with absolute ease. But in most cases, the leading workers' compensation lawyers will work on contingency, meaning they only get paid if they win your case.

How Often Will You Communicate with me?

Inquire as to what type of communication process they use as they work a case. Do they update you daily, weekly, monthly? And is there a point of contact in the firm should you have questions or remember something that could help — or hurt — the case. Most firms have policies and protocol and process guidelines, so find out what those are.

Can you Provide me any References That I Could Talk to?

This one question will reveal a lot about your chosen attorney's caliber, skills and professionalism. Usually, attorneys who are confident of their work, will not really hesitate to share the contact details of their previous clients, or even the colleagues that they have in the legal community. You can then talk to them to get to know about the experiences that they have had with your preferred workers' compensation lawyer.

Can you represent me Through the Entire Process?

Your chosen attorney should be the one who is willing to handle your case entirely. Someone who would leave you midway, just because your case might need to go through administrative hearings and appeals isn't the one to rely upon. So, make your choice consciously.

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