About White Collar Crimes And Federal Prison Camps


What is White Collar Crimes?

White collar crimes are not so dreaded crimes. They normally refer to the offenses which are committed to get financial gains. These types of crimes are normally done by those who are in power or influential position and hence have an access o a large amount of money. White collar criminal defense attorneys pick cases of FBI, IRS, US Postal service and secret service. Insurance fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and embezzlement are some of the examples of white collar crimes.

There are 4 variables of calculating federal prison sentence of the white collar criminals.

Good Time Credit:

There are certain criminals in the Federal Bureau of Prisons or BOP who adhere to the rules of the prison strictly and keep themselves away from the trouble. Under the sentencing guidelines it is equivalent to the 15% of the time served. If the total period of confinement is a year or less than a year then the criminal would not be eligible for Good Time Credit. This is the judge way of being lenient to the prisoners.

Federal Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP):

Inmates of the prisons that successfully complete the BOP's Residential Drug Abuse Program are eligible for the sentence reduction of one year. This BOP RDAP program is meant only for those who have severe drug abuse issues and want to rehabilitate.

Halfway House:

This is one of the BOP ways to integrate offenders back into the common community prior to their release. Halfway house means that the inmates of the prison are no longer imprisoned but still they are subjected to a number of regulations and rules that are under the jurisdiction of the BOP.

Halfway House:

Inmates are eligible to the halfway house only when there is only 10% remaining to their sentence or about half-year (6 months) in the case if 10% is more than the 6 months. This variable is based on the actual time served by the inmates in the prison. Once the inmates are eligible to halfway house there is no guarantee of immediate placement. But, in the case of the sentence of over a year, certain halfway house time can be anticipated. This time is very rare on sentence that is less than six months.

Time Served Already:

Time served in the custody or sentence or during the transport to the prison gets deducted from the total sentence. For instance if the total sentence is 366 days and the actual time to be served is 319 days and the time already served is 3 days then these 3 days will be subtracted from 319 days and not from 366.

Apart from this, keep in mind that there are 2 ways of ensuring Minimum security in FPC (Federal Prison Camp). The first one is escorted by the US Marshals under the remanded custody and another one is self surrender. Self surrender is more preferred and desirable between the two. If you anticipate to get the Minimum Security Federal Prison Camp through remanded custody you would be taken to the custody straight once you are sentenced. There will be a few months or weeks of uncomfortable confinement. So, if you get an opportunity to get granted to the self surrender count yourself lucky as judge have done a great favor to you.

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