Adoption and Same-Sex Couples

Adoption and Same-Sex Couples


Gay men and lesbians have always adopted, though their sexual orientation has not always been discovered. At present, the homosexual men and women are being considered more seriously as a prospective adoptive parents. This change is due to the increase in the number of biological parents as a homosexual in the united States.

In 1976, there were an estimated 300 thousand to 500 thousand biological parents, homosexuals; for 1990, an estimated between 6 and 14 million children had a parent gay  or a lesbian mother. And between 8 and 10 million children are being raised in homes with homosexuals. The Analysis of the Reporting System on Adoption and Parenting (AFCARS) of the u.s. Department of Health and Human Services of U.S., estimated that in 1999 there were approximately 547 thousand lower in houses-home in the united States, of these, 117 thousand were legally free and eligible for adoption. However, in 1997, only there were adoptive families qualified (including single parents) available for the 20 per cent of these minors. It is also estimated that approximately 10 percent of the population of the USA -or 25 million individuals-are homosexual.

Based on these figures increasing, what should homosexual people be automatically excluded from consideration as prospective adoptive parents?

Despite the increase in the paternity and maternity among the homosexual persons, the social workers have their reservations when considering them as adoptive parents for a child. Perhaps wonder how it will be raised the child, and how they feel about their parents. Do you feel ashamed of having two fathers or two mothers? Do you wonder why your a single mom goes out with women, or why your a single dad you have a boyfriend? What:will make a mockery of their friends? And most importantly, how will it affect the child in adulthood to have been raised by gays or lesbians?

The gay fathers and lesbian mothers

Define the family structure of gay fathers and lesbian mothers is a difficult task. The most common structure in the households of homosexual is that of blended families. This is, gay fathers and lesbian mothers who had their biological child during a heterosexual relationship before, then “discovered” and created a new family with another partner. Other types of family structures include single parents gay and couples that have together to their children. Both types of families can be created through adoption, but more often it is used reproductive technology.

There is research on families with biological parents who are gay. This research focuses primarily on the children the product of an artificial insemination in lesbians, or those whose father or mother was married once and is now homosexual. Although the research on these situations does not contemplate all the issues relevant to the adoption; this information is of great value to social workers struggling with difficult decisions, for gay people who want to be parents(mothers), and for anyone looking for information on families non-traditional.

Unfortunately, the effects on children raised by homosexual parents are not predictable. The number of homosexuals who have adopted a child is uncertain, and due to the controversial nature of the issue, your child refuses to talk about it openly. The testimony of the children who grew up in homes with homosexual could provide better information about the results of the paternity and the maternity homosexual.

Studies, often conducted by individuals or organizations with specific interests in the outcome, are contradictory. The studies related with groups of religious or politically conservative show negative effects on the children of homosexuals. It is said that the studies that support homosexual parents are influenced by those who are gay or who support gay rights. Clearly, what is needed is for them to take definitive studies on the number of children and the long period of time. When completed, this study will provide more definitive information for the debate.

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