By law, non-custodial parents must pay a monthly allowance, or Child Support, to help the father in custody to cover the cost of the child. An order for the Child Support can be given after a divorce or a paternity. This section includes general information about the act of Child Support, in addition to a glossary of legal terms and a basic manual on how a lawyer specializing in child support can help you.

Child support: What is Included

Child support: What is Included?

There is a misconception that child support should only cover the child’s basic needs, such as food and clothing. In reality, the child support (or child support) must cover a range of expenses, which may …
Child support of a Minor by Court Order

Child support of a Minor by Court Order

In most states, a minor has the legal right to receive financial support from their parents since their birth until they reach 18 years of age, whether their parents are married, legally separated, divorced or …