How much Should be Paid for the Support of a Child?


The legal rules in each state help establish the amount of money that must be paid in concept of child support the parent who has physical custody of the child (that is to say, the parent responsible for most aspects related to the care and welfare daily less).

The specific rules differ between states, but generally all are based on the income of the parents, housing costs and the needs of the children. Often, these rules calculate the amount of money needed to support taking a percentage of the income of the father. This percentage increases according to the number of children to have (get more information on the determination of income in the following paragraphs).

In some cases, the amount established by the rules may vary if there are good reasons. The judges often review a financial statement completed by each parent, detailing all the resources, income and expenses of the parent before determining the final amount that they must pay for the sustenance of the children.

Child support: Determination of the income of the parents

A universal standard in the state standards to establish the child support is that the final payment is determined according to the income of the parties. Therefore, it is vital that parents understand what type of funds may be considered “income” within the rules of child support and which are excluded from its definition.

Additional considerations

State standards and the determination of income are aspects that are fundamental for establishing the amount for the sustenance of a minor, but they are not the only considerations that affect the decision. Other considerations which may have weight on the amount payable for child support, which include situations of shared custody, payment of support during the summer vacation, and the questions asked by the college expenses and child support.

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Child support: How to obtain the help of an attorney

If you are facing a dispute the potential for the sustenance of children, whether due to a divorce or because he is a single dad, a lawyer specializing in family law can help you with a fair representation of the parties in the process. A lawyer specializing in family law will work to obtain the best possible result in the execution of the support order, in the fulfillment of an order already existing, or in the establishment (or rejection) of the paternity. The first step is to find a lawyer spatialized in family law in your area.

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