Criminal Lawyers Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring Someone


Instead, those that are begin charged with a crime will have a much better chance if these keep these things in mind when they are deciding who they want to hire.

Previous experience with a particular crime

A crime attorney in Rhode Island will usually have previous experience, but clients don't want for them to have just any type of experience.

For example, a person facing a murder charge will be better off with a lawyer that has previous experience in murder trials versus a professional that has previous experience in breaking and entering charges.

Just because a lawyer advertises that they have previous experience as a criminal defense attorney doesn't mean that they have previous experience with a certain charge. Before hiring someone, ask them if they have handled any cases that are similar to the charges being faced.

Beware of promises

If a criminal defense attorney in Rhode Island starts off a free consultation by promising to get someone a lighter sentence, etc. it should be seen as a red flag. These professionals often do this to get clients to pay them the starter fee, but it's not realistic.

These same professionals have never seen the discovery packet or anything else, so it is impossible for them to tell what the sentence will be, or what the client may be facing. Instead, opt for a professional that is a bit more realistic during the initial meeting.

People pleading guilty definitely need professional advice

Most people that plan to plead guilty don't feel that they need an attorney because they are not going to trial. This is a horrible mistake. If anything, these clients need an attorney as much as people that plan to take their case in front of a judge and jury.

When a person pleads guilty, a criminal lawyer in Rhode Island will be able to get these people a better plea deal, and they may wind up with a lighter sentence. A public defender may not put in the same amount of effort as a professional, which is something that clients need to keep in mind.


Budget is something that clients need to think about before talking to a criminal lawyer in Rhode Island. One professional may want $5000 with a $1000 deposit, and another one may want $10,000 with all of the money up front.

This varies from person to person, so it's important to know what a person can afford before contacting attorneys. After that, make sure to ask professionals about the total cost, and if there is anything that might wind up making that cost higher, during a free consultation.

How long have they worked in the area

This is the one thing that most clients seem to forget about, but it's very important. When a criminal lawyer first starts working in a particular county, they may be unfamiliar with the way the system works, and they do not know any of the judges.

When a professional has worked in a county for years, they know the system inside and out. They know the judges, and which ones give out harsher sentences. They also know what clients can expect when they walk into a courtroom. That's why it's important to ask this single question.

Clients that are searching for an representative are encouraged to keep these things in mind when talking to different professionals to make sure that they get a professional that is right for their case. Every case is different, just like every lawyer is different.

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