DUI Attorney Do People Need to Hire One?


Unfortunately, these people also receive a harsher sentence than they normally would if they would have hired a professional lawyer. Hiring a professional attorney in Rhode Island comes with quite a few benefits that people won't get when they stick with a court appointed public defender.

More familiar with the court system

A public defender might be familiar with the way the court system in the county works, or they might be brand new to the county and still be learning the ropes themselves. While some people will get a wonderful public defender, there are plenty of other people that will wind up with one that has no idea what is going on.

Professional DUI lawyers are ready to take on any case, and they know exactly how the court system works.

They care more

When it comes to public defenders, they are usually overworked and underpaid. They often have so many clients that they cannot fully devote themselves to any case. Sometimes, a brief scan through the case notes is the only information they will have before stepping into a court room.

Because of that, some people will wind up with a harsher sentence than if they would have went with a professional DUI lawyer in Rhode Island. These people make more money off of their cases, which means that they can devote more individual time to each case.

They know the law

A DUI lawyer in Rhode Island that specializes in drunk driving cases will know the law inside and out. They will know what will happen if a person is convicted, and be able to advise clients as to what they should do depending on what the police report states. They can look at the BAC level and tell a client what they can expect.

This may happen with another attorney, but it also might not happen with another attorney. It's not worth it to take the risk.

They're better at bargaining

Professional DUI experts are better at bargaining, hands down. They can work with a judge to get a dropped down to a reckless driving charge as long as no one was injured and it was a first offense. They can talk with the judge to make sure that sentencing is fair.

Clients are encouraged to remember that sometimes a judge will hand out the same sentence to everyone for the same offense, though. It all depends on the judge, and on how much experience the DUI lawyer has that is defending the client.

More availability

Because professional attorneys don't have as many people on their case load, they are more available for their clients. If a client has a question, their attorney is just a phone call away.

Some lawyers even have an entire legal team to make sure that someone is always available to make court appearances, consult with clients, and make sure that clients always know what is going on.

When people are being faced with a drunk driving conviction, it can be scary, especially when a client does not know the court system well. Instead of relying on an overworked attorney, most clients hire a professional one that has previous experience so that they can enjoy having a team of experienced professionals represent them, always have their questions answered, and they can have the peace of mind that they are in good hands.

John Grasso is an experienced attorney in Rhode Island with a wealth of experience in sex related crimes, long term jail sentences and violent crimes. A high quality education provided Grasso with all of the knowledge he needed to become a well-recognized trial attorney in Rhode Island, and previous experience as a police officer gave him the passion for justice that he still has today. Free consultations are offered for clients that need advice on moving forward with a case, would like to understand the charges that are against them, and for any individual that needs to speak with a professional. Consultations can be schedule via the phone or by utilizing a contact form on his website. Visit Us : https://www.johngrassolaw.com/

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