Family Law Mediation Boon For Divorcing Couples


You might have heard about family law mediation many times, but do you know its exact meaning? Family law mediation is a way to resolve issues relating to parenting and separation. An experienced family mediator knows the best ways to solve issues relating to divorce and helps to wipe off the burden of the couples. You can go for mediation even before you or your spouse start a court case or during the court case. A mediator or international family lawyer solve issues like child support, parenting issues (including custody and access), spousal support, division of property.

Mediation has the following benefits:

  • It is a voluntary action and parties may leave at their will.
  • With the help of mediator or family lawyer Singapore, the couples can work out their own solution.
  • In case of child custody, mediator gives due importance to bring out such a solution which is in the best interest of the children.
  • Taking the divorce related issues to court involves expending a lot of money and time. Whereas mediation is less expensive and is less formal than court case.
  • Parties may not like to make public, the issues related to separation. Mediation solves the issues in a private room rather than a court room.

Is family mediation appropriate for us?

Now you might me wondering about how much time does a family lawyer Singapore takes to complete the mediation session. The duration depends on the below mentioned factors:

  • The type of issues related to your separation and also the number of issues to be mediated.
  • Degree of conflict among the parties.
  • Level of communication between the parties and also upto what extent the parties can cooperate with each other.
  • Role of International family Lawyer

    A family lawyer provides guidance to assist the parties to reach a fair and long lasting settlement. When it comes to family law medition, the decision given by a mediator or family lawyer is unbiased. They do not take decision based on the well being of any single party. Now a question may arise in your mind that if your problems are solved with the help of a lawyer then is there any need lawyers? Well the answer to this question is yes because a mediator does not take the place of a lawyer. They do not give legal advice to you. To know about your legal rights and obligations have utmost importance. You should also know how the law affects your issues. For all these purpose, lawyer is essentially required.

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