Get a Satisfactory Outcome With Family Law Mediation


Family law mediation is an effective way to resolve disputes in such a way that the parties are not required to go to court.

The international family lawyer acts as the independent third party called the mediator. The mediator helps both the parties to come to a mutual agreement. By taking the role of a mediator, the family lawyer Singapore provide assistance to the parties involved to reach a solution to their problem. Through mediation, both the parties arrive at an outcome which is acceptable and beneficial to that of them. Mediators are neutral while making judgements or while providing any guidance. Their responsibility is to develop effective communications between the parties. The main focus of the mediator is to reach an agreement which is acceptable by both the parties in a case.

Family law mediation has the following benefits:

  • Taking a case to a court involves a huge expense. Mediation does not involve taking the case to the court room. Thus, mediation is less expensive as compared to that of litigation.
  • Settlement of a case through mediation is faster. We often see that a court case takes years to solve disputes. International family lawyer through mediation, produce rapid results in solving disputes.
  • Family lawyer Singapore act as mediator to solve any dispute arising between parties in such a way that the parties are fully satisfied with the solutions put forward by the lawyer.
  • Mediated agreements have a wide range of coverage of legal laws and rules as well as psychological issues. In case of court room solution, focus is given on the legal side, psychological issues are not determined. But by solving issues with the help of a mediator, parties can tailor their settlement according to their convenience.
  • Parties solving their dispute through mediation have greater degree of control over the outcome of their settlements. They can also predict the outcome and are quite sure about its occurrence. Whether the parties will have gain or will loose are more predictable in a mediated settlement as compared to that of an arbitrated case.
  • Generally it is seen that marital disputes that are solved through legal arbitrations in a court do not always successfully address interest of both the parties. Whereas a mediated marital settlement can often preserve a relationship or even if the relation demands termination, it is done in a more amicable way.
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