HIB Visa And Its Details


H1B is a great process for Indians who want to immigrate to US permanently because it allows them to get permanent residency of this country. To get this visa, an employer must make a job offer to an interested citizen, and then he should file an immigration petition for the concerned employee.

The H1B visa itself is a non-immigration visa and is a work permit. This visa allows an employee to stay in this country for a period of 3 years and then he can get this period increased for up to 3 years more. An employee can get permanent residency based on this visa, because this visa allows a non-immigrant to get American work experience. The fee for this visa is in the range of 1570-2320 US dollars. The students can also choose to work part-time in US to cover their study costs during this duration.

This visa has a capitalization limit on it. So, the employer should file the immigration petition for the concerned employee as soon as possible.

The US government is planning to introduce changes that will ensure that more H1B workers can't be hired by Indian IT companies in US that already have a workforce of more than 50 which already includes higher than 50% of H1B employees. This is serious news for Indian companies in US that have been using more than half H1B workers in their workforce.

The spouses of H1B visa holders are also eligible to work in this country now. This change can also help the US government to ensure that the spouses of Indian visa holders are also able to work and contribute to the US economy.

The H1B holders can get to work for different US employers provided each of his different employers has given consent for the I-129 petition.

An H1B visa holder can also get to move in and out of the country of US, during the validity-duration of this visa.

The fees for the application of this visa are 1570$ for firms that have an employee strength of 1-25 and 2320 dollars for an employee strength of more than that. You can get help from a study in US consultancy to get more help in this regard.

Nancy Damon is a freelance visa author and consultant on issues like study in US and work there.

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