How to File For Personal Injury Claim


Before anything else, after an accident, you should look after your health. When you are fully treated and ready, you can think about pursuing a personal injury claim. Here are some steps in filing for a personal injury claim.

Number 1. Evidence

The most important thing when filing for a case is evidence. There won't be any case if there is no evidence. If you are a victim of an accident, collect evidences that can help you point out who or what caused the accident along with the damages incurred. Photographs or medical certificate can be used.

Once you are fully treated, it is important to be fully prepared when you are thinking of pursuing a personal injury claim. Write down everything you go through after the incident had occurred. You may include medical bills, hospital visits, any lost work or wages, etc.

Number 2. Police Report

Filing for a police report will help you secure accurate records of important information which happened during and after the accident. The facts that the police hold will have a great use later on especially when bringing the case into the court. That information will be used for evidence or elaborate explanation.

Number 3. Document Signing

In whatever case, it is a rule not to sign documents without fully understanding of what is written. Paper might be presented to you after the accident to settle things with the other party. It is strongly advised to not sign anything that could release the negligent party from liability or that may force you to forfeit your right to a lawsuit. To make it sure, have your lawyer read it and explain it to you.

Number 4. Call a Personal Injury Attorney

When filing for a claim, you should not try to settle it alone. It can complicate the process and might even mess things up. Contacting an experienced personal injury attorney is critical to help you with compensation and injury settlement. For an experienced and dedicated attorney, Van Tubergen, Treutler, & Hayes, PLLC guide you through the complexities of the many federal and Michigan laws that protect & compensate you from any negligence or malicious intent to injure.

For personal injury claims in West Michigan near Grand Haven, Holland, Muskegon, and Ottawa, contact Van Tubergen, Treutler, & Hayes, PLLC at 616.377.0087.

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