How To Pick The Best Employment Attorney?


While you want the best employment attorney Los Angeles, you also need to be sure that they are responsive with their clients and compassionate as well. They should have trial experience and should have a good reputation as well.

Make the right choice of employment attorney

When you are choosing an employment lawyer, there are certain things you'd have to keep in view to make sure you are getting a good professional to handle your case. Make sure they:

  • Focus on employment law- The attorney shouldn't practice in all other niches and when they specialize in that field, you still need to check which areas of employment law they handle.
  • Experience- Typically, you should be looking for an attorney that has a lot of experience; this means they will have handled a larger number of similar cases and that has bearing on how well they would be able to handle your case as well.
  • Accomplishments- In addition to experience, their standing in the industry and accomplishments matter as well. Check whether they are invited to speak at legal conferences and check if they also are members with various law associations.
  • Testimonials- Most attorney sites will have customer testimonials on their website. Reading these gives you a better idea of whether they handle cases well and what their past clients are saying about their services. You can also check online reviews to get a better idea of how their professional skills are.
  • Check who will handle your case- When you go to a large law firm; it's possible that your case eventually gets handled by recent law school graduates and not the attorneys that head and run the firm. This is something you should be checking on-after all, you don't want your case to be handled by someone that doesn't have enough experience and exposure to handling cases in the courtroom.

The best employment attorney Los Angeles would typically handle a range of employment related cases such as:

  • Sexual harassment- In which employees may have been groped and have retaliated against for complaining; or employers asking employees to have sexual relationships with them.
  • Prevailing wage fraud – In which where employers have falsified records so they have to only pay for part of the hours their employees have worked.
  • Pregnancy discrimination- In which an employer fired the employee while she was on disability.
  • Disability discrimination- In which the client was fired only because her FMLA had already expired. However, she was still had entitlement to take time off as an accommodation for her specific disability.
  • Sexual assault Where supervisor rapes an employee at work.
  • Failure to pay overtime and wages – Where employees have been misclassified as salaried, rather than being paid hourly.

As you can see, there are a number of different employment related cases that the best employment attorney Los Angeles can handle. You need to discuss your case with them before you hire them.

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